Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Fag is Unemployed

Two hours ago I learned that I lost my job. The more exact term is that I had been terminated. Terminated for not meeting the metrics set by the company for a probationary to become a regular employee.

About six months since joining the company - from the rigorous training, to learning all the tricks of the trade, to dealing with all kinds of customers - I am found unfit to stay longer in the company.

And I have no excuse for showing such a lackluster performance. Not even the fact that they have raised the performance metrics required for regularization, nor the fact that I was with with a very tough account to begin with, nor that fact that I am among the dozens who were terminated since a couple of weeks back and maybe the weeks to come.

At the end of the day, I failed miserably in this company. A failure that merits termination no less. No warnings. Nonetheless, I totally respect the decision of the company.

Not that I did not see it coming. For the past weeks, since I heard that some of my batchmates were not being regularized as well, I was already coming to the office each day full of dread that my head was going to be chopped off next. One by one I saw some of my teammates leaving and I knew my time was coming.

And tonight, the news was dropped that I have no job starting Monday. Like it was supposed to be big. Well, it is big in fact coz I don't simply live by breathing air. I spend, and I spend big time (at least to my standard). I need money! Desperately need money at that.

So I'm back to being unemployed. God, it has been years since I've attached that title to my self. And currently I have no alternatives in my grasp.

I can be a fashionable pokpok; fashionable being a vague term there. God, I can give blowjobs for maybe P1,000. Hahahah. Why not? Is that fashionable enough?

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