Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tropical Depression

Back to another dead end.

After going to Intramuros twice for an interview with this foreign-funded NGO, I did not receive THE call that I was anticipating the whole week. This is the same NGO that interviewed me, the one that I felt like I was judged for things not related to the post I was applying for.

But I need that job so desperately so I went back for the second interview, which went a lot better this time. I was told that if things go well I was supposed to receive their call this week. Of course no such call happened and suffice to say I did not get the job.

I might as well jump in the tracks of the Philippine National Railways right now. But then I realized it would do me no good coz their trains run like they are actually pushed by two drunk men. So it does not enough power to end my misery.

The MRT is a good option. Afterall, just a few blocks away from my house is an overpass that conveniently overlooks the tracks of the MRT. I could easily take a plunge from there. But nah, it's a stupid way to die.

God suicidal daw ang drama ng bayot? Hehehehe. I'm just bored... well, not really, it's more than boredom.

I'm fashionably depressed.


More faggotry from last week in Matabungkay. That bitch of a Cathy (who I love so dearly) is prettier than me! I should have her killed ASAP.

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