Tuesday, September 19, 2006

MRT Soundtrack

Since starting working in Diliman, the MRT has become my home of sorts and its daily commuters my itinerant family. Twice a day, for roughly 30 minutes each way, it carries me on its tracks as it makes it courses along the length of EDSA.

One day last week on my ride from the Taft Avenue Station to the Quezon Avenue Station I heard music wafting inside the MRT’s coaches. I was pleasantly surprised that they have incorporated some sound track to the commuters’ daily travel.

The music was not even an FM station with “kadyot lang” or “for life!” piercing annoyingly after every song. The train has its exclusive FM station no less. It’s called MRT FM or something to that effect. Commercial free.

Instead of a DJ or some inane commentator, the gap between songs is filled with “… sa lahat ng mga pasahero, maari po lamang ay pagbigyan natin ang mga babae at matatanda…” and so on. It’s a recording that would rival PAL in its ease and suave delivery. It also spares commuters from the MRT operator who used to say “Sho Bolebard Steshon, Sho Bolebard Steshon”.

The music is not even bad. It’s not some Salbakuta rap that would instantly ruin your day or one of those Viva Hotbabes atrocities. What they are playing instead are jazz and bossa nova, things that you would only hear in say Crossover. Slightly highbrow di ba?

To my disappointment however, MRT FM was not on during my commute back to Makati. Nor was it there the following days. Tragic!

This morning though music once again filled the train. “Someday I’ll Fly Away” was playing the moment we left the station. I was relieved to be singing along the song silently, which is not exactly a bad way to start a workday.

I hope when I take the MRT on my way home the music’s still there. Or the next day after that.

While I already appreciate the type of music they were playing it is better perhaps that they have some OPM mixed in their play list. It’d be nice to hear some Eraserheads or even APO Hiking Society in the morning.

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ate ni girard said...

can't wait for my next MRT ride


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