Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Queer Life

I’m beginning to wonder… Are gays the most narcissistic people?

I blurted that out while having lunch with Sarah and another officemate yesterday. It was not a question actually, rather I explicitly stated: “Homosexuality is narcissism in its purest.”

We were discussing about age and how everybody’s so obsessed about it. I remarked that gays are probably most preoccupied about staying young. When you’re past 25 (which I am), you are already a has-been.

Too harsh ba? Well at least that’s my impression.

Sarah, the fag hag that she is, protested that I have such a skewed perception of gay people. Well, between Sarah and me, she knows gays better than I do because she has a slew of gay friends. She added that definitely I know the wrong kind of queers slash fags.

I’m not really sure. More and more I’m finding this gay life as seething with superficiality, chief of which is me, myself, and I. Sarah said I’m reading too much Bryanboy. Duh.

Ok fine, I made such a scathing generalization about our kind. I totally hope that I’m wrong. I totally hope that under all the cattiness, the endless prowling, the incessant vanity, there is more to gay life than this.

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