Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I'm beginning to wonder... Why am I lethargic lately?

Hay, I'm just so lazy to post something today. So i might as well place five random stuff here just for the sake of it. :(

1) I'm currently digging Imelda big time. She's on my screensaver. Bitch!

2) I was just checking my site meter, apparently I'm averaging 12 hits a day. I can't believe people think I'm worth reading. Whoever you are... thanks a lot bitches.

3) God, someone from Singapore came across my blog! And Riyadh, Melbourne, Dubai, Blegium, UK, New Jersey, Ontario and Japan. Who the fuck is reading? C'mon, let me hear from you.

4) Last weekend I was at the Shangrila Mall to watch the current Cine Europa. I actually broke my record! Four bloody films in a row! I'm so proud of my pansy self. I watched films from Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Spain on Sunday. The day before that I saw two: from Portugal and the UK.

5) I'm waiting for news on something that would radically change my life. Hay, putah, I hate waiting pa naman.


Kyle said...

What do you want to know about us? I live in Washington, DC.

Anonymous said...

Who reads your blog? Well, I am one of those people who are interested to know your adventures (mis-adventures). Ingatz!

Pao, Davao City

kawadjan said...

hi kyle and pao... thanks for responding to this particular post. thanks for reading my blog of course.

Islander said...

kinahanglan gajud pangutan-on???

syempre kaw na gud na! stylistic narration, entertaining lines, sentence of substance... its worth it.

kawadjan said...

thanks jun! :)


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