Sunday, December 10, 2006

Attack of the Camera Whores

The first man who climbed the Everest was supposedly asked why he decided to do it. He simply replied: "Because it is there."

On our way to UP to jog, Sarah and I have to regularly cross filthy and ever clogged Commonwealth Avenue using MMDA's wonderful pink overpass (or some call it a footbridge). It's usually deserted at that time of the day when the sun is majestically setting in the horizon. Realizing this on one occasion a couple of weeks ago, I pulled out my camera and thus these pictures of Sarah and me.

Why the overpass to have a photoshoot in? Because it was there.

My sister had a foot thingie in a beauty parlor near our place last week. She pulled me along and I watched all this skin sloughed off her feet. It was not definitely the best thing to do after office, but lately I rarely see my sister, so I tagged along anyway. When I'm bored and have my cam with me, an opportunity for some serious camwhoring always comes up. And this was not an exception, espcially with some good lighting in the place.

Okay, I'm a serious camera whore, as you can tell. When I bored, I camwhore. When I'm excited, I camwhore. When I'm sad, I camwhore. When I'm at a party, I camwhore. Thank god I don't camwhore when I'm horny (which happens rarely these days, by the way... SOS).

I remember scanning a catalouge of Mango a fews week back. Mila Jovovich was in it and we all know how divine she is. There was this one pose she that I simply have to have. I was obsessed to have one like that, I even took a picture of it right from the magazine (as seen below). Anyway, I was camwhoring at home a few hours ago and this came out (as seen below Mila's pout).

I know, I know... I look a lot like Mila. Thanks for noticing that. :)

Please check or click here for pictures I took of Evangelista's famed flea market.

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