Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Nothing ever goes right in my bloody life.

Some of my plans are breaking down.What's the point of working hard if I'll never get anywhere near them?



demeter said...

the road banaue > bontoc > sagada road is quite rough and very dusty. bring a wet hanky. The road from sagada to Baguio is equally rough and dusty, yep, all 6hrs of it. whip out your camera as that sagada to baguio road has some very scenic spots. Also, if you have time after you arrive in banaue and before you ride that jeep to bontoc, take a tricycle and go to that fresh-water pool (I think its called Guihon). Its about 15mins by tricycle and takes you deep into the rice terraces. Lastly, be extra watchful of your things if you use that internet cafe in sagada (theres only 1 and its near the open area). The owner himself stole my pouch bag containing my cellphones, mp3 and digi-cam.

kawadjan said...

thanks a lot for dropping by. your notes would be very helpful. :)


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