Monday, January 29, 2007


I was checking again my vital statistics (weight, body mass index, blood pressure) last week to discover that I gained almost three pounds (145 lbs, 9 oz now compared to 142 lbs, 8 oz last month) and that my BMI is now 21.3 per kg meter squared (from 20.4). My blood pressure on the other hand while it decreased remains high.

I'm surprised about the weight. I'm happy that I gained some but I did not realize that it entails growing a paunch, which is really the last thing I want to have at this point. I would rather DIE than live with this monstrosity growing in my tummy. A beer belly or a bilbil or whatever this thing on my waist is has never, never been a problem to me. I always though that I'd be spared of it for the rest of my life given my metabolic rate.

But alas, with the largely sedentary lifestyle that I've inflicted on my self, coupled with an utter disregard for the carbohydrates I've recently been gorging, and exacerbated by the fact that I'm rotting right before my eyes due to old age and is thus not enjoying the same metabolic rate as when I was two… I'm becoming obese.

So I'm back to dabbling into vegetarianism, which I started last week. About a year ago as well I was into the same thing, which lasted for about four or five months. I managed but since I was undergoing some major changes in my life then I drastically lost weight. Eventually, I decided to go back eating animal carcasses and load on the carbs (although technically vegetarians should eat carbs to begin with, I chose to lessen on that as well). The vain side of me beckoned me back to vegetarianism so I'm back on track (but I do eat fish and eggs) and hopefully lose the paunch in the process.

Also, I'm going back to doing yoga (hopefully regularly). I love doing yoga and it use to be a major component of my exercise regimen (in addition to going to the gym, swimming, and jogging) when I was in Davao. Until October I was doing yoga with Sarah pretty regularly. Just when I was already pretty flexible we stopped for some reason I could not remember now. So last weekend when I went back to the mat for the first time in months I has as stiff as an erect penis. My breathing, a major component of yoga, was just as bad. It's back to square one again and it's still a long way before I'm flexible enough to even reach my toes.

I do need some serious cardio exercise and hopefully I can work it into my schedule pronto.

All this because of that bloody paunch that I am so determined to eliminate in a month.

Photo Credit: Maya Spa


pat said...

'Stiff as an erect penis'. what a great way to describe yourself. Ü

DATS said...

ey...nice of you to drop by, and now I’m checking yours Ü. It’s nice to read that your into work out as well….or so...Ü well, I hope that all of us will get that dream cuts-lean-chiseled-buff body anytime soon---or before everybody head to the beach!!! hehehe all the best!!! i have some post regarding food intake if your interested! ingatz!

Kyle said...

I think cutting down on meat and doing yoga are great. I've done the former, and I will do the latter once I get my lazy ass in gear.

I will say that on some guys, a little bit of a paunch is kind of cute, though. ;)


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