Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Twinkle, Twinkle

Those large eyes, full lips, sinewy body, and of course the raging hormones… who can resist twinks? It's no surprise that they have a cluster of their own in the world of gay porn.

Last weekend I inadvertently watched movies with twinks in them.

The History Boys was shown in Glorietta a few weeks back. For some reason, I was not able to catch it. Fast forward to another scouring session at the Makati Cinema Square last Friday, I was surprised that the movie was all over the place (yes, MCS is catering to some art films as well). History Boys, an adaptation of a play with the same title, is about a group of British kids (ehem, twinks) reviewing for the entrance exams to Oxford or Cambridge. It has a really witty script, at times bordering on the recondite as it is filled with literary allusions. It reminded me a lot of The Browning Version and a less corny Dead Poets Society. Oh, did I mention some of the boys there are gay? In fact the story revolved so much on one boy's infatuation with one of his classmates who happens to be attracted to his male teacher as well. There's also another male teacher who likes groping boys. It's so gay, gay, gay! Four and a half bamboos.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints is so twinks central. Channing Tatum conveniently wears his shirt unbuttoned and his pecs proved to be distracting more than anything else. The acting is generally fair. But the coming of age story is a bit too jagged; at times found it pretentious and confused. I can only give it a couple of bamboos.

I nearly missed Notes on a Scandal in Glorietta last weekend due to the long lines for 300 (which I'm so watching this weekend for Rodrigo Santoro). I swear, Cate Blanchett, bearing an absolutely gay name - Sheba, is fast becoming a gay icon judging by the predominantly pink audience last weekend (and I'm so sure they were not there for Judy Dench). Unless of course they are eager for the twink (played by Andrew Simpson) that Cate's character was having an illicit affair with. Goodness, the film is an ensemble piece, most notably of course Cate and Dame Judy. However, the fags in the audience must've been disappointed to realize that it's essentially a lesbian film. Hahaha. I'm giving this four bamboos.

Photo Credit: Rotten Tomatoes.


Blogie Robillo said...

hey girard! long time no see. found your blog via sarah's. :)

list your blog at the davao blogspace directory, ok? and the davao blogspace itself is an aggregator site of davao blogs' feeds that i choose. ;)

my personal blog is at www.robilloblog.com, and i have a all-about-davao blog at www.angdabawenyo.com. have other blogs besides...

Kyle said...

Kawadjan - did you see the original The Browning Version, or the remake? I didn't see the remake, but I have the original on VHS. I love it.

kawadjan said...

blogie, thanks for visiting my blog.

kyle, i only saw the 1994 remake, with albert finney. love, love, love it. :)


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