Friday, October 05, 2007


I remember watching the movie Magnolia a million years ago and it was certainly one of the rare moments when I was COMPLETELY stunned by a movie. The first time I watched it was on VCD, so when the time came when it was shown at the UP Film Center (obviously these were student days) I watched it back to back. Its effect on me did not change though. If anything, I was more stunned than ever especially because I had the chance to process it, twice even in one sitting. Until now it is still of my all time favorite and memorable movies.

I'm listening to the soundtrack of the movie, which is predominantly composed of Aimee Mann songs. The song Save Me was actually nominated for an Oscar (I don't think it won though). This scene in particular is just one of the most striking parts of the film (until something fell from the sky). We see here the brilliant cast lipsynching to Aimee Mann's Wise Up.

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