Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

"Ikaw lang yata ang kilala kong pumayat nang dumating sa Bangkok," said a friend I had dinner with last Saturday.

Yes, that's what's happening to me lately: shedding weight effortlessly. You see, since coming here I have been less hungry. I have a rule to eat only when I'm hungry. Obviously if my tummy does not call for food, which is very rare these days, I lock my mouth. On my first week here, I was quite worried about the enormous amount of delicious Thai food I'm gorging. That is followed however by my lackluster interest in food, which has declined severely the past days.

Here's what I eat on normal days. For breakfast, I have a small box of soy milk. Lunch, hmmm, I hardly eat lunch unless my officemates ask me out. If I do eat, I have a small bowl of noodles or a plate of fried rice. Otherwise I go up my room and take a long nap. Around lunch time I have some papaya, mangoes, and pineapple from some hawker in front of our office. If there's anything I'm eating more of in Bangkok, that has to be fruits. It's doing wonders on my skin. Anyway, I used to be very conscientious with having mid-afternoon snacks (hi Babalicious!). But here, I just don't feel the need to have one. Dinner is pretty early, around 6 pm. It's mostly noodles (again!) or tom yum (di-fucking-vine!) in the sidewalk. No "midnight snack" for the old fag, except for yet another carton of soy milk (oh, I fucking love soy milk and they're soooo cheap here).

Just when I'm not trying, I saw my weight plummet. Is it a good thing? I can't be sure really. For one, I get to keep my jaw and clavicle. Hahahaha. And with such pervasive skinny-ness in Thailand, I actually feel the pressure to keep my weight down. If I were five pounds heavier, I'd be an obese faggot by Thai standards.

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