Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pinoy Sightings in Thailand

Two weeks ago. I heard Tagalog spoken by a pack of rich-looking kids in the Skytrain station at Chatuchak, the largest weekend market in the world. The rich kids were making hakot some bargain clothes. As in three sacks of them.

Last week. I was sitting in the TV room of the office, reading some newspapers. The TV was tuned to a sports channel, some boxing match. Focused on the papers I was reading, I heard some Tagalog spoken on TV. I realized that it was no other than the latest Pacquiao fight. I began squealing to my colleague, "Hey, he's a Filipino! That's Manny!" I got back a blank stare. Whatevs. I love Manny.

This week. I was watching Chic Channel on cable, which is a marriage of Fashion TV and some local lifestyle channel. I don't care much for the Thai programs unless it's a runway show (more on this later). I mostly devour the Paris, NY, Milan, etc Fashion Weeks, which disappointingly are a couple of seasons late (argh!). Then bam, the fashion show of Rico Blanco's designs for Human was on. I figured the location was Glorietta. But nah, the video was not even good.

Today. I read on the paper that the first Phuket International Film Festival has a section called Focus on Filipino Films, which includes Tuli, Ang Pagdadalaga Ni Maximo Oliveros, Batad, and Sarong Banggi. Note that all films are indies.

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