Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tom Yum

I had Tom Yum last night in one of the many restaurants along "my street". I was expecting a lot more from the restaurant because it was relatively more sosyal compared with the others in the area. For 80 baht however I ended up with something very bland, a far cry from the 50 baht version that I used to get from a stall in this dirty market around the corner.

I always remember my sister when I have Tom Yum. She craves for it on a weekly basis.

I'm not really a soup person to begin with. But in Bangkok, soup is pretty much part of the daily diet. Noodle soup is probably the most popular by far. I can only imagine all the MSG and salt in those meat stocks. Ugh. Consequently, whenever I have noodles I always opt for haeng or the dry kind.


My Burmese "housemate" went to the US for some lectures and he only came back a week ago. For almost three weeks I was alone in my building. During that time it was kind of eerie in the evening to have the building to my self.

Yesterday a new "housemate" arrived. A is from Singapore and he used to do some part-time work at my office. But now he's part of this big opera house in some hi-so (high society) area in Bangkok. My office is accommodating him though, giving him a room on the third floor. A and I have been hanging out when he used to visit Bangkok, looking for a job. Now that he's here for good, he is definitely a good addition to the building. At least I have someone to smoke and hang-out with during boring evenings. I'm afraid it would be the end to my lonesome nights though.

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