Tuesday, November 06, 2007

From Lady-boy to Tomboy

Arrrrghhhh... I had to cut my hair once again. This time, instead of going for the Victoria Beckham cut, I went all the way to Agyness Deyn territory. And once again, I did it my self.

I did not really have plans of chopping off my mane, which I have been growing for more than a year already. It might have been quite bothersome maintaining such an unruly head of curls but let's admit it, I look nice in them, di ba? But then, apparently not a lot people agree with me, especially here in Thailand. Most people think that I'm a lady-boy (that's how they call transsexuals here) just because I have long hair. I don't even have to dress like a woman to merit such a label. My long hair is enough apparently. WTF!

So last night I went back to the bathroom mirror armed with a dull pair of scissors (the kind that we use in the office!). Grabbed some hair. Snipped. Snipped. Snipped. Clumps of hair falling on my shoulder, some landing on the tiles. In less than a couple of minutes I was done.

Here are some before-and-after shots.

From left: (1) two weeks ago; (2) one week ago; (3) last night.

What do you think? Hot or not? Don't I look like a bloody dyke?


rashidsmom said...

you actually look like a guy now. seriously. seriously!

yuck.. macho ka na... ewww

kawadjan said...

sarah, you're watching too much grey's anatomy. hehehehe.

uy mag email ka naman. shet.


elabona said...

You look like a guy in your new haircut..but then..the pout is still there..so i change my mind..hehe.. ;)

kawadjan said...

hi ela. thanks for visiting.

korak, the pout would always be there. i'm having my lips insured. that's a good idea no?


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