Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Gay Weekend

Despite the seemingly disastrous episode that I had with E (refer to the two previous posts), my weekend turned out to be exceptionally satisfying.

Friday night. E failed to show up. That ends the story of E and me. I had the chance however to meet my former officemates who were in BKK for a meeting last week. It was a short chat in the hotel lobby but it was an excellent chance to catch up on my previous colleagues and supervisors. Shortly before midnight I went to S, the gay bar nearest my house, for some beer. Of course I made it sure that I paraded my pretty self (hihihihi) around them stunning Thai men. Hahahaha. In other words, nag-puta po ako ng konti.

Saturday. Lunch was with my former supervisor J. Hay J, the always sosyal person that he is, brought me to this swanky hotel along the river for lunch. Salamat salamat, J for the generosity. [BTW, as pasalubong, J gave me a set of precious Celeteque products, the only facial line that I allow to touch my skin. Choz!] After lunch we went around the hotel's neighborhood, which was charmingly peppered with old, colonial buildings we actually felt we were in Intramuros in Manila.

From there we went to Siam Square. J shopped and I had a haircut. Yeah, another one that had to be done professionally this time. I had no idea which salon to go to, I simply chose the most crowded one on the assumption that they must be good to deserve such a deluge of patrons. It was a good choice of a salon, thank goodnes. It was by far the most expensive haircut I've had (350 baht, or around 420 pesos) but was pretty well worth it. Coz I can't communicate with the hair cutter they gave me a catalog of hairstyles from which I chose my preferred cut. I opted to have it trimmed really close to the scalp. It sounds like a simple procedure but I watched with awe how the hair cutter carefully sculpted my hair, putting some strategic layers and spikes here and there. And then another person did the styling, the process of which I paid close attention to so I can replicate it on my own. Today I had to buy this styling wax and round brush which shall become essential tools to my daily hair-styling routine. I miss my long hair to be quite honest, however I'm also excited about this new cut I have. That should finally end my hair crisis and I shall try to stop writing about my hair from now on. Pics will be posted soon.

In the evening J and I joined two BKK-based gay Pinoys, JP and D, in Silom for dinner at McDonald's (where else?). It was a raucous dinner of course. D in particular went on and on about his recent traumatic love life, which taught me a great deal about handling my horrific attempts at... love. Ewwww! Anyway, I've never had so much fun in so many weeks as I had last night in the company of such a rowdy group of people. After McDo, J and I went to a crowded Silom gay bar where I had such a blast in the middle of this swirling horde of gay men. I'm sooooo going back next week. Ituloy ang pagpuputa!

Today, I took a ride on the river to visit JP, who gave me a rundown of the gossip about Pinoys in BKK. Thanks JP for being such a nice host.

So there, that's my weekend. Masaya. Masayang masaya.


Kevin said...

I've been going to the same hairdresser for more than 10 years. I go through life with this intensifying fear that she'll soon leave or be asked to leave the salon or simply drop dead off the face of the earth.

Oh, and thanks for dropping by my site. I just put yours on my subscription list too. Yay!

kawadjan said...

hi kevin, thanks a lot for visiting. you have a case of serious hairdresser dependence there. i guess i also have to find a long-term hairstylist of my own.


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