Thursday, January 24, 2008


So a bit of blog silence the past days. Honestly, there's not just enough material to write about during weekdays, whereas weekends are usually more eventful for me. Like I'm already anticipating a "fully booked" (I cringe at the pretentiousness of the term I simply need the quotation marks) weekend. I'm planning a major post next week about what is yet again some touristy activities in the coming days.

Speaking of material, there's really a lot to write about my blossoming, ehem, dating life. Let me just say that things are moving quite well (such an understatement right there). Of course I couldn't be more excited. But then, in the interest of privacy (his and mine), I'm not going to make that part of my life available for public consumption (and it's not that a lot of people read this blog anyway). I wish I'm more of a tell-all person, but I really don't have enough gumption to squeal about such a sensitive and special topic.

Still I couldn't help having this strong compulsion to write about these exciting times, so I decided to create another blog dedicated to my, ehem, dating life. I'm keeping it for my personal consumption though because the main objective is to record and track my feelings as I go along. And you know, for the sake of preserving our memories na rin. Kumbaga, dear diary ang drama. Emote ng schoolgirl, no?

Damn, I now remember those journals I kept when I was going through similar periods. Just the same, I was possessed with chronicling all the bliss and drama, and until now I savor every corny sentence I wrote. Clearly, I value these journals, which preserve all my major kabaklaan and katangahan and kagagahan in the raw. I wonder how I'd react to this current private blog when I read them years from now. So despite the seeming lull in the entries, it does not mean that life has become humdrum. On the contrary, my days have never been this exciting.

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fuchsiaboy said...



mukhang inlababo ka na mare. malala na.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

so apparently, everything is coming up roses? with matching french truffles?

that's nice!!!

and while you're at it, listen to rachel yamagata. she adds that mmmph to that date so engulfingly delicious you can almost taste it.

kawadjan said...

haler haler haler!!! kumusta mga masugid na tag-sunod ng aking ka-dramahan? charing!

salamat sa mga comments. khop kun kap!


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