Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pool Party

It was time to pull out my musty swimming trunks last Sunday for a pool party courtesy of a BKK-based Filipina who I knew through D during a picnic last December. L, PJ, and I found ourselves on the 10th-floor pool area of the apartment of our host and in the company of a number of artists, retirees, and entrepreneurs. A bit of kebab and chips, together with a good selection of alcohol (and they had San Miguel Beer!!!), was all it took to get the party in motion. (We arrived there at 3 pm and left at half past midnight!) We dipped in the pool (damn, I realized how much I miss swimming) for an hour or so. With plenty of cameras going around, what else is there to do but camwhore?


fuchsiaboy said...

ang ganda ng pool area nya mare! kakainggit.

medyo out of shape at geriatric nga lang ang mga guest nya. im sure nagmukha kang elementary student kasama nila. wehehehe

kawadjan said...

yesterday! winner talaga ang pool neng, nakalimutan ko nga lang ang dyesebel costume ko. pero keri na rin kase i had the lowest body mass index (bmi) among the visitors. i can't be more proud... charing!

pout na lang girl para pumayat, ok?


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