Friday, February 22, 2008

Tamad-tamaran Confession

This is what I feared all along... a bout of laziness.

Since coming here to BKK, work has been one big relaxing affair. Read: no pressure, no deadlines. Truly, I have the most undemanding work. I'm not sure if I'm extremely lucky or what. Most days I stare at the monitor reading blogs like my life solely depends on them. If not, I'm on YM and MSN chatting with friends from back home. There are days when I take three-hour lunch breaks, taking a nap in my bedroom (I live in the office), and when I go back to my desk nobody even noticed that I was gone.

I remember working in this NGO in Davao for three years wherein I constantly see my self gasping for air while struggling with the seemingly endless work. I was holding two equally demanding positions, so you can only imagine what kind of multi-tasking I was up to (not to mention the extra research work I did on the side). I was on the road quite often, traveling all over Mindanao. Organizing conferences, which we did almost every quarter, was the most demanding of all tasks and soon after we finish one did I realize that there's another big conference coming up. I've never been as relieved as when I handed my resignation letter to my boss.

When I worked in yet another NGO in Manila last year, I found my self bored with the fact that I was not neck deep in work anymore. For some reason, I craved for a more demanding environment, which this NGO was totally not. When my supervisor would give me a task, he would often tell me that I can finish it when I can. How breezy can that be?I had so much time in my hands. Hence, my blog was quite updated and that's also when I started exploring other people's blogs.

And now BKK, in another NGO that does not care if I'm working on my desk or watching endless porn (I don't... uy, defensive). I just got used to the idea that, well, I can pretty much waste my working hours like nobody's business, leading to what I fear is mental stagnation and unbridled indolence.

That is exactly what's happening to me right now. Fate has to be playing a joke on me as suddenly I'm swamped with documentation and editing jobs that have very tight deadlines. But no, today I came in at work at 10 am and immediately went to visit every blog on my bookmark list. I promised to start working after lunch break, which I spent instead on chatting with friends on YM and MSN.

Thirty minutes before the work day ends, I realize I've only edited one paper (and what a bad job I did on that). But then, it's too late to start working now, right? So I might as well post this entry instead.

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fuchsiaboy said...

Cultivate eccentricity. Revel in the fact that you are one lucky bastard for having such an easy time. Take up knitting. Write a novel. Comment all you want. Basta wag kang magreklamo dahil swerte ang mga taong tulad natin na binabayaran para gumawa ng wala. ang hirap kaya nun! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Thats why we check the computors here at work , and then just out of the blue.
Porn! out you go right this minute. So get on to your work, before you will feel sorry.
But I do like your blog.


kawadjan said...

don: knitting! why didn't i think of that?! gasp!

fryslan: thanks for visiting dear. cheers!

elabona said...

wow..what a nice life you got there! yeah..our previous work in Davao is really something. I sometimes miss it though. :)

kawadjan said...

ela: in fairness kaloka nga naman talaga ang MBC. eternal tumbling moments with somersaults on the side di va?
i hope you're better now.
ipagpatuloy ang laban, girl.

Kiks Phulumulu said...

day, i feel you.

i can slug all the time i want and nobody complains. thing is, noone can complain directly since they're not around me.

but day, what if you mingle around, you know, people who think what you do matters...

knitting is a good alt of course!

kawadjan said...

kiks... kaya naman pala ang sugid mong mag comment kase ang dami mo ring time sa office. i'm not complaining of course dear. winnie monsod ang work natin!


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