Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pitong Buwan

Oh dear, I nearly forgot that another month had passed in BKK. Work had been pretty hectic lately, I missed the full moon, my indicator of my stay here. Seven months. More than half of my one-year work contract is over and a few months more to look forward to. Only the heavens can tell if my contract is renewed (I have a strong feeling that I'd get another contract though), but I know I have more than enough reason to stay in the City of Angels.

Senseless talak coming up.

When people back home ask me how's life like during the past seven months, I always say that it has been a long time since I'm this happy. I remember saying the same when I lived in Davao for four years. Just like Davao, I felt easily at home in BKK. Life's pretty convenient here and there are just endless things to do. I like my cities coarse and chaotic, and BKK is just that and more. I can't help falling in love with it. I can certainly see my self living happily in BKK for the next few years (that is, if life remains kind).

While work is not necessarily very fulfilling at this point, I see various opportunities for me to start my own projects that contribute to the organization. I'm fortunate that I have a director who encourages the staff to pursue our passions. I'm currently cooking something related to urban landscapes and heritage and should thus be worth looking forward to.

On the aspect of my social life, I'm blessed with a number of friends who are very dear to me. If anything, I've been most lucky with friends who I get to know in the places I've lived in. In the absence of my family, I find comfort in the fact that I have friends who will keep me grounded. In Davao for instance, I met some of my closest, closest friends who I shall treasure forever (hi Daisy, hi Sarah, hi Mickay, hi Grace, hi Yolly!). The same is also possible for the people who I consider my friends in BKK (hi PJ, hi L!). On the other hand, I certainly wish I would have more Thai friends, although I heard quite often that that can be very challenging.

Lastly, I shall touch on dating, which for the longest time had been a much neglected aspect of my life and was only revived when I moved here. I had a rough start, I swear. Little did I know that dating in BKK can be very fierce. I simply lacked the experience, and naturally I made wrong turns here and there, which ultimately left me frustrated. And so someone comes along, an amazing person I should say, with whom I connect in a spectacular way (kailangan ba talagang spectacular ang gamiting term? charing!). There's a lot a potential right here dear if things go well.

And so, I can only wish that this BKK stint would go well overall. The past seven months had been one hell of a ride. I feel like I'm done with the adjustment phase only now and so this is a critical period of transition in all aspects of my life. I see exciting changes ahead.

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