Sunday, May 04, 2008

Under the Kulambo in Hoi An

Horror of horrors. My hotel lost power last night. The generator was on for a few hours but it was turned off at around midnight. Without the fan on, the mosquitoes feasted on my frail body. Needless to say, it was also freaking hot. Not knowing what to do, I went out of my room, wrapped only in a towel. I found some candles in the reception area and went back to my room, finding that there's actually some mosquito net around. For the first time in years I slept under the kulambo. It is not funny at all!

After having a terrible evening, I visited the Japanese Bridge at the edge of the Old Town. This is one of Hoi An's main landmarks.

The actual order of the day was to find another hotel. When I checked out of my first hotel I was refused a discount even if the service was crappy. I also found out that all of the other guests, who were checking out one by one, were not given any rebate. I wish I can burn that hotel down. I found a very decent hotel not far from the old one and settled there the entire day coz the heat was just oppressive outside.

Oh, I finally got my finished suit after a few alterations in the morning. For the price, the suit came out quite well naman. Dior Homme idatchyu? Charing!

At just about sundown, I wandered around town and stumbled into the handicraft house where locals were producing colorful lanterns, pottery, embroidery, wood sculptures, and paintings. I felt that the whole place, with the artisans working on their craft while tourists watch, was a show though. Another zoo moment for me. Enough of this please!
More rampa rampahan under the heat of the sun. I eventually ended up on the riverfront, sipped beer, and smoked. At least it's cooler near the water.
The heat of Hoi An is really killing me. Oh, add to that the dust. I'm beginning to miss cool Hanoi. Fortunately I'm going back there tomorrow afternoon on a 16-hour bus ride.


Lyka Bergen said...

Ang ganda ng Tan mo! Kaka-inggit! Tse!

L said...

Yep, nice tan and you are smiling! [unlike your first couple of days]. Let me guess, miss mo na McDonald's no? :) You'll probably read this when you're back in Bangkok so welcome back!!! :)

kawadjan said...

lyka: naman. di yata gumana ang sun block ko. in fairness, keri na rin ang tan.

L: kilala kita!!! hahahaha. smile na akech kase na pressure ako sa comment mo. hahahah. may KFC sa hanoi, walang McDo. see you soon dear. can't wait for krabi!

chase / chubz said...

hala!! gusto ko bumista sa jan!! ang ganda naman ng buhay! pa travel2x.. hahihihih

kawadjan said...

hi chase! go ka dito girl. rampa tayo. di ko bet ang vietnam though. walang bakla doon. boring.


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