Thursday, July 24, 2008

Models Resurrected

Hmmm... why are Super Models (yes, in capital letters, dahling) coming back? Linda Evangelista was on the cover of Vogue Italia for June 2008, followed by Naomi on ID, and even Kate Moss is on the cover of Vogue US for August 2008.

And now, Christy on W Magazine (see the full spread here).

I'm not complaining of course. There never had been any REAL supermodels after these girls. And they can werq as long as they want and I'd never get bored with their fierceness.
Title: Champion
Magazine: W Magazine (August 2008)
Model: Christy Turlington
Ph otographer: Michael Thompson,

Photo Credit: Foto Decadent


Japhet said...

the photographs are unbelievable! wow, i'd love to shoot something like that hehe.

jericho said...

kasi you all too ready for the catwalk. they are afraid of you. mawawalan sila ng trabaho. chos! ;)

fuchsiaboy said...

90's back dahling. Time to air out those Versace chainmail dresses, Calvin Klein shifts and Helmut Lang jeans.

Gibo said...

they should you can reign :-)

kawadjan said...

jaf: i bet you can. i can see it in your multiply no.

jericho: hmmm... pwede! intimidated sila from the fag from surigao?! gasp!

donita: never had them. ikaw siguro ang baul-baul ang designer clothes.

gibo: true. give chance to others naman. especially to the fags from the 3rd world. hahaha.


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