Monday, September 08, 2008

Fashion Fantasy for S/S 2009

Whoa, it's that time of the year again! I'm so excited.

I'm talking about Fashion Week for S/S 2009, which started in NYC last week (was it?). I'm constantly watching for updates of the latest runway shows. After NYC, it'd be time for London, Milan, and Paris to showcase their designs.

I'm checking the collections of the American menswear designers for now. I'm not really a big fan of American design coz they're very casual and lacks oomph. Honey, everybody needs some oomph once in a while, right? But then, I still found some interesting ensembles that I would wear my self and are suitable to BKK's weather.

From Robert Geller. Vests are all the rage in BKK these days and paired with skinny pants, this look is very very current.

From Mulberry. Although jackets are not very practical in BKK, I like this look coz it seems light enough for evening. Notice the colorful layers under the jacket.

From Trovata. No matter how hot it is in this city, some folks still manage to wear scarves. I don't have the flair for them scarves but soon enough I would. I like how casual this look is, especially the tattered seams of those short pants.

The next three ensembles are from Lacoste. I love the first piece coz it's monochromatic and I have yet to try going mono but would love to do so. I wonder if rolled pants is such a good idea, although they look good on the runway. The orange ensemble is also monochromatic, in shocking color that is. I cannot wear it that way (otherwise I would look like a monk!) but separately these pieces would be ferosh. I adore the third piece because of the stripes. Me and stripes are best friends. I also adore the short pants, which I'm wearing often lately, and those sandals.

The next four ensembles are from Perry Ellis. First, those shoes and sandals drive me bloody crazy. Absolutey crazy! I love the blue cardigan of the first piece and hopefully I can also pull off those pekpek shorts. I posted the second picture only for the sandals. The third piece is yet another cardigan and them shoes. And the fourth piece I would totally wear the whole look... those short pants are to die for.

The last four looks are from Band of Outsiders. I love how casual these ensembles are. I worship the trousers of the first two pictures. Plaid pants are so current, at least in BKK. The third and fourth look, oh, I would wear them as they come in these pictures.

The question now is: Who do I need to blow around here so that I would have these bloody expensive clothes in my closet? Where is my Tony Boy? Where is my Ylmaz? Where is my Donald Trump?

I'd post more pictures of the latest in Spring Summer 2009 in the coming days. Hopefully I can also collect some of my fave looks from the women's wear collections.

Meanwhile, my Don Protasio gladiator chuchubells made their debut yesterday. I was with Heidi in Chatuchak/JJ in the afternoon and the sandals got more than a dozen stares! I swear, if all of them curious onlookers paid me everytime they took furtive glances on my Don Protasio, I would be freaking rich by now. Hahahahaha. We then headed over to Paragon, where the sandals received a standing ovation (choz!), and ended up in Scala to watch Mama Mia, which I truly truly love (what is not to love in a movie that has Meryl Streep in it, aber?).

Heidi and Bubbles are also working it (and I hate competition. Those bitches! LOL.). Heidi bought a fab jacket from a Thai label and Bubbles came in a virginal white shirt (it's not just white dahling, it's VIRGINAL white, right Gibo?) draped with a purple scarf.


rashidsmom said...

OMG i so hate you in your f*&*^%$ing gladiator sandals! you look so fasyon! (inggit mode *pout*)

Bryan Anthony the First said...

lurvvvvvvvvvvvvv the fire orange ensemble... bagay sa mestiza kung kutis!

Gibo said...

indeed. it has to be virginal white! it goes well with the virginal aura of bubbles.

tell heidi i like his get up and the new hairstyle.

and honey, you own bangkok with those DP gladiator sandals! fierce.

kiel said...

i feel your pain re: the state of your bank account (or lack of sugar daddy) vis designer clothes. last week i bought yung september GQ. pinawisan ako when i saw the bags for men in every spread. eh yung price ng magasin pa lang eh nagdalawang isip na ako - yung laman pa kaya! waaaahhhh!

fuchsiaboy said...

im going for deconstruction for s/s09. ang weird looking at trovata with the frayed cuffs. i think it's in the air.

winner is heidi! love his look.

at sino naman yang mga jogets sa posters na kasama ni madam bubbles?

you werked the boots dear. i cant wait to see you wearing it in the most pek pek of shorts.

fuchsiaboy said...

na notice ko lang ang tame naman ng mga choices mo!

anobah! di bagay sayo ang pa-mhin.

i-avant garde mo na. how will we penetrate bangcock society nyan? lol!

kawadjan said...

sarah: compliments to the designer, love. we should give don one big hug... among other things (as he likes saying all the time).

bryan: hmmm... do try some all-orange look, dahling. kikinang ang ganda mo nang lubosan. werq!

gibo: (1) bubbles, as we all know, is far from virgin. (2) the hairstyle of heidi is very thai. he is as thai as any one can get. (3) those DPs rock!

kiel: oh dear, my thought exactly. we should go to counseling na.

don: (1) heidi is werqing bkk. he loves your pink-tipped shoes by the way. (2) those are bubbles' latest acquisitions to his growing stable of boitois. (3) may karapatan ba akong magsuot ng pekpek shorts if i only have balls? (4) dahan-dahan sa avant garde na yan ning... baby steps. i need your advice para itodo ko na ang paglalandi.

JaffyG said...

i love your shorts!!! please buy me a couple of pairs when you come back; i'll pay you of course LOL

everyone is wearing vests in Manille these days hehe.

JaffyG said...

and oh, that's size 28 or 29 dear LOL

kawadjan said...

jaff: size 28 my ass!

alex said...

hey kawadjan

anung movie poster ung nasa huli????


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