Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Hills are Alive

It was raining most of the time last night; fortunately the tent held up, although we woke up with damp hair this morning. I would not say I had the most comfortable sleep though. And yeah, I will definitely not see my self sleeping in a bloody tent for years now, thank you very much.

Last night we also met several BKK-based locals, who invited us to see the sunrise today. We were up by 5:30 am and a songthaew brought us to a hilltop where dozens and dozens of local tourists congregated also to see the sunrise. But there was hardly any spectacular sunrise to speak of as the clouds were heavy.

After breakfast we were carted to a small village where we hopped on a ginormous elephant, basically for picture-taking purposes. I swear it was my first elephant ride, albeit it was only less than three minutes. We then explored the small village of wooden houses. The guide informed us that Burmese, Thai, and Karen (one of the hilltribe folks) live in the area.

From there the songthaew took us to a small waterfalls. We had to go through rice paddies, pumpkin groves, and corn fields. I've never been in a farm for a long time now so it was a return-to-nature of sorts, although I would not say that I had a spectacular time either. I don't know, nature and me just don't go well together. The waterfalls was majestic though. It had several small tiers and the water was refreshingly cold. Unfortunately, camwhoring was not possible as we had to leave our cameras in the car because of the rain.

When we returned to the guest house we finally had a small room for ourselves. I could not be more excited. After napping for a couple of hours we went to a traditional Karen village up in the mountains. It took us about thirty minutes to drive though a winding and undulating rough road. Alas we reached the village just as it was starting to get dark. It was practically impossible to see anything except for the outline of the wooden houses and glimpses of glowing kitchens.
It's drizzling tonight again. I'm an a small internet cafe with boys playing Counterstrike. This, I believe, is as far as Umphang goes in terms of night life. I'm not complaining. We need some serene evenings sometimes, no? Tomorrow, I'm expecting a 12-hour ride back to BangCock.


jericho said...

yan ang aking dream .. sumakay sa elepante ... haaay

me said...

ang elepante. bow.

OMG you slept in a tent?! ikaw na maarte? ikaw na ayaw ng masikip? ikaw na ayaw ng mainit? diba line ni Maricel yan in one of her movies... those movies you sooo love?

kiel said...

ako ang pangarap ko sakyan ako ng elepante. (chub-cahser ang lola)hahaha.

alex said...

god!!!! sarap naman ng elephant ride!

bkkdreamer said...

You girls are doing a terrific job. I can't bear travelling - too uncomfortable. However, as a result, I have seen almost none of Thailand. When I am old, all I will have to look back on by way of memories is an image of the inside of my Bkk condo.

kawadjan said...

jericho: uncomfortable sya. i'm glad we were on that thing for only three minutes.

sarah: oo nga eh. di ko bet ang tent, i swear.

kiel: hahaha. kainis kahhh. but well, good luck sa yo. tawagan natin si dumbo.

alex: ay di sya masarap. nakakatakot at magalaw sya. and the seat is really uncomfortable.

bkkdreamer: a part of the joy of traveling is to get out of your comfort zone once in a while. i suggest you try it bit by bit. btw, i'm such a big fan of yours!

JaffyG said...

OMG, you've survived in the jungle!!!!

eekkk hahahhahaha


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