Thursday, October 09, 2008

Not Here, Dear

If anybody noticed, I've refused to write about politics for the longest time now. Ugh, why should I pay attention to it when there are more compelling and urgent things to write about, like, I don't know, shopping for instance? Besides, I don't dare comment on the political situation of Thailand coz I don't (or refuse to) know much about it, not to mention that politics annoys the hell out of me (especially the politics back in Las Islas Filipinas).

But then, anybody who watches the news or reads the papers would know what a mess politics in Thailand has become of late. Ugh, such a long, convoluted story, you might as well check CNN or BBC for that. Or for a more local perspective, check Bangkok Pundit or Absolutely Bangkok.

So why this post on Thai politics now? Well, the epicenter of the demonstrations or protest rallies (a.k.a. "militanteng grupo" in Las Islas Filipinas), the Government House in particular, is just a couple of blocks from my office/house. And they've practically encamped in the said place for four months now. Yes, dahling, four bleeding months; prompting the police to block the surrounding streets. Bangkok's traffic is dreadful as it is, can you think how worse it can get when major thoroughfares are sealed?

To be blunt about it, I couldn't care less what the protesters are crying for but they can bring their demonstrations any where else but in my bloody backyard. Di na sila nakakatuwa ha. For four months now I've been enduring despicable road congestions and traffic rerouting. Can you imagine its heavy toll on my social-climbing and whoring agenda? Ugh.

Things reached a boiling point this week when the protesters moved to the Parliament House. Of course the police has to disperse them. A full-blown collision ensued, resulting to two deaths and 400 injuries, among other damages. The many civil offices that surround my area had to suspend work last Tuesday and yesterday (so I had an instant holiday that I spent whoring around, but work is back today).

With this escalating violence more roads in our area had to be shut. On my way back home last night, the cab had to take a circuitous route, which took me to the actual site where blood spilled just a day before. Surprisingly the area is as serene as it can get.

The political impasse continues however. I learned from my colleague today that the protesters went back to the Government House, which they occupied some months ago (ironically, the Prime Minister is temporarily holding office at the city's old airport).

I wish I can care more for the politics here, but honestly I'm not the least interested. I just wish the protesters can leave my area as soon as they can coz honestly they are not making my life any better.

There, I just needed to release that. Bow.

Photo credit: (1) Reuters (2) Telegraph (3) BBC


Luis Batchoy said...

hmmmm...bumisita, nagbasa...xlinks?

reyna elena said...

kung ako? hahadain ko yong pulis at mga protestors. hehehe!

nga pala, why are they in yellow colors?! si tita cory ba andyan?! hehehe!

Gorcia said...

nawawala na ako sa limelight ha... soon i will be back dahling and turuan natin sila ng leksyon :)

p.s. kumusta daw sabi ng mga singaporeans

the spool artist said...

ang thailand talaga, gaya gaya sa pilipinas... they should also have an effigy of the PM at tsaka sunugin para kumpletong Pinoy Rally na... and why don't they do it kaya sa Sukhumvit para ala EDSA din ang drama? hahahaha!

kawadjan said...

luis: salamat. keri.

reyna elena: in fairness, very fit ang hukbong kapulisan nila here. yellow ang costume nila kase yun ang color ng hari. so yun, yellow sila to show their loyalty.

gorcia: baka nagkagulo sila kase nawala ka na dito? ikaw pala!

loven: tama ka, mas makulay at maingay ang protests sa atin. and i agree, dapat sa sukhumvit sila para mas damdam ng mga tao ang gulo no.


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