Thursday, October 30, 2008

Of Legs and Hair

This blog is desperately calling for a vanity post. Oppps, this is what blogging for me is all about anyway, right? Shameless self-promotion, full stop. I couldn't help it really. Like, I don't pretend that I'm profound or anything else beyond my full-time obsession with shopping, travel, and sex. Besides, what else is there to live for besides the three?

That being said, lookie, lookie, I have some recent acquisitions... and more (right, Heidi?).

First, I got my self these dirt cheap leather shoes that are as gay as anything I've seen... ever! Any bayot knows how painful these pointed shoes are. But as the supreme BKK-bound Fuchsiaboy says all the time: suffer for fashion... and that exactly is what I'm going to do. Second, I got these uber skinny brown trousers with barely-there plaid prints. Oh, they are hilariously cheap! I love the stretch fabric coz they cling to my scandalously skinny legs, the latter is courtesy of my daily swim across the Surigao Strait back in the days.

Two nights ago, I got my monthly haircut from "my" salon in Siam Square. I asked for my usual style: cropped on the sides and some layers on the top. I was explaining the hairdresser some twist to my regular cut, which honestly I could not explain to my self either. It's something like two gradients of hair length on the side of my head. I attempted to use pseudo sign language to the hairdresser by drawing two lines on the sides of my head. And he immediately concluded: ok, I'd shave it for you. Hmmm... it was not exactly what I had in mind but I realized I can be daring this time, just for the sake of it. The job is very haphazard, but what the fuck, hair grows back.

To quote mother Ricky Reyes: dis eees our pinis pradak.


kiel said...

i luv the shoes & pants. but most of all i luv the hair!

Gayzha said...

Omaygad! Aylabit!!!! Kainez ka!

Teng said...

I love the hair.

I wanted to have that last month pero the parlor is charging $45 for hair etching. Are you kidding me?

Love those pants.

fuchsiaboy said...

omg! mare im so happy. finally all those lessons in style and embracing the inner heidi klum in you has finally surfaced. baka na threatened ka lang because im having my royal visit sa bkk at magmumukha kang tsimay with me? bwahahaahah! all in all im loving the effect.

im going all out comme des garcons plus margiela sa bkk hehehe

JaffyG said...

honey, may license na ba shoes mo? hahaha

love your haircut! astigggg!

uy girard!!! favor naman, di ba you're coming to manila next month?? please buy me naman an orig dvd copy of love of siam plus the orig soundtrack cd; i'll pay you promise!!!! =P

i sooooo love Pchy! my jowa naman is crazzzzyyy over Mario LOL.

me said...

I f*&^%$in lerv the hair! RAD but cool and i'm sure keri mo naman yot.

Hmmm sukatan na ng kapayatan next month. You will be so proud of me :)

kawadjan said...

thanks bitches for the kind words. * wave, wave, wave * choz!!!

jaf: will let you know when i'm going home.


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