Saturday, November 15, 2008

Binayot on a Weekend

Aha, I'm still on the right track on spreading faggotry in BangCock... as if there is not enough faggotry in this city! But then, we all know that each of us has to do our part, and as a responsible pink cardholder I wish I was able to do exactly that with all the gayness that I sowed this weekend so far.

Friday evening, Heidi and I went to watch a gay documentary in Lido. Made by a gay couple, the film is called Suddenly Last Winter and it traces the rise and fall of the legislation to allow civil unions in Italy. It's an exciting film that deserves a bit of discussion after you watch it, which was exactly what Heidi and I did.

From Siam Square we walked all the way to Silom Soi 4 to grab some beer. The place is a bit sedate for a Friday night on account of the mourning period of some dead member of the royal family. The relative silence of the soi made it ideal to bitch about all the sleaziness and posturing taking place in the area. Such catharsis to just bitch like there's no bloody tomorrow, right Heidi?

Moving on... let's play pictionary for Saturday, all right?

Bubbles and I went to the Jim Thompson house, one of BKK's premiere tourist attractions, especially if one wants to catch a glimpse of a traditional Thai house. Jim Thompson is best known to have revived the Thai silk industry. His death is as fascinating as his life. He is believed to have disappeared in the jungles of Cameron Highlands in Malaysia and not a trace of him was ever found.

We then found our selves in Siam Square for coffee, tea, and ice cream. L, who I will call Liwayway from now on, joined us later so it was yet another unbridled talakfest with us three girls. And what better way to enjoy Siam Square but to werq it like we fucking own it? Damn, I should werq all my weekends away from now on. I didn't know kabaklaan/binayot was all this fun!

As an afterthought, Bubbles and I took a bus to Sanam Luang where the royal cremation ceremony was going on. The bus stopped several blocks away from Sanam Luang, so we had to walk for a thousand kilometers to reach the place. Whew! A sea of black clad mourners greeted us at the area. To be honest, with all the shoving and pushing that went on in the crowd, Bubbles and I did not have an exact idea what we were there for.

There, the first half of the weekend is over. Sunday shall be spent on watching DVDs, with La Vie En Rose, Sophie's Choice, and Memento in the list.


G said...

honey, winner talaga ang DP sandals mo!

sino raw ang namatay? bakit hindi ako nakatanggap ng notice? may stake ako sa royal family ha?!


bkkdreamer said...

Darling - you manage to make sitting in a public bus even look gay. Well done.

bananas said...

potaha ana uy.
kuyawa uy.

fuchsiaboy said...


see i told ya. i love how you werqd the generic white tee, khaki brown shorts, dp gladiators, canvas bag and norman noriega feather necklace (only ten of us have it dahling).

im so proud of you!

jericho said...

winner ka G! may stake ka nga pala sa royal family... hehe. at display talaga ang DP sandals. wagi na naman ang weekend ng bayot!

kiel said...

lurv the outfit. magaya nga, kaya lang wala akong feather necklace...

me said...

pakshet na gladiator shoes yan ha.. i can't make mine look THAT good! and to think babae na ako ha! shet ka G. i hate you for being pretty. hmph.

Princhecha Fiona said...

so tarush the glads! ugh, lech bat sa aken di bagay mag ganyan??!?! unfair!

Miss Bubbles Cojuanco said...

parang ang gaganda nang mga dilag na iyan...

mukhang mamahalin... parang mga alaga nang mayamang hapon...

parang akoh...

hay makapagburda na nga lang muna...

kawadjan said...

g: i-work mo na rin ang DP sandals mo on your last days in penang.

bkkdreamer: i actually worked the bus gayer than that but the photographer could not measure up.

bananas: ayaw patalbog maam.

donita: i learned from the best.

jericho: si gibo lang daw ang may stake sa royal famille.

kiel: pwes, manghuli ka ng mga kalapating mababa ang lipad! may DP sandals ka rin?

sarah: gasp! didn't i train you na how to work fierce? i'm truly disappointed.

fiona: baka pang marathon ka lang kase. choz!

bubbles: ingat sa sinulid ha. di hapon ang nagaalaga sa kin kundi prinsipe ng isang middle east country. oil dahling, it's oil!


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