Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall-Winter Peg

Now that I started talking about fucking fall-winter in steamy BangCock, let's bring the discussion a bit further, shall we?

It's amusing to see the city's denizens actually redirect their wardrobe within October to February to brace for the relatively cooler weather. I'd see more people wearing scarves, sweaters, and an occasional bonnet. I understand why Bangkokians would want to dip their fingers into winter wonderland fantasy, especially coz many young people here look up to Korean and Japanese fashion, which obviously have their fair share of freezing temperature.

Bangkokians could only approximate the fall-winter look otherwise they'd melt in the sun. Nonetheless, I could not help but pay close attention to the clothes they're wearing as it is a welcome departure from the endless tropical style I see here pretty much year-round.

And what am I supposed to do but participate in the fall-winter look, no? While browsing through the many streetstyle blogs these past months I kept tab of the looks that I reckon are feasible for the so-called cold months in the city. The picture below shall be my peg for fall-winter 2008. I have most of the items here - i.e. scarves, cardigans, blazers - except for the suspenders, which is catching the fancy of many BKK fashionistas lately. I might also need to get some head piece... uhmmm... they're called hats, right?
On a related note... let me rant...

Lately I realized that the reason for buying more clothes never ends! I hate my self for being so insatiable. Like if I buy a new pair of trousers I always, always feel that I need to buy a new pair of shoes to go with them... or the other way around. And it never stops. I would always need more, more, more. Mawr!

The thing is, I hardly have any chance of wearing these clothes coz I live in the office, hence, I don't need to look fancy (I can even wear tsinelas to work if I want to). I go out only three times a week so I don't really have a reason to keep on hoarding clothes that I hardly wear. Meanwhile, I have a small closet ready to explode any second now.

But no, no, no... I have yet to decide on putting an end on this mindless shopping. Yes, even if the economy is in doldrums. Hay, itigil na... itigil na ang kabaliwang ito!


fuchsiaboy said...

why be so mundane and dress down in the office when you can dress up and werq it to the hilt. iilang beses na bang di ka naka-couture at major event ang nangyari sa buhay mo? buti na lang naka gaultier ka nung mangyari ang 'nakahandusay sa dingding' portion. ewan ko sayo pero iniisip ko na lang na i help those poor thai designers who want to be the next marc jacobs or kahit si thakoon man lang. remember yung fall/winter guy. baka next time makita mo sya eh meron na syang store sa siam paragon or club 21 carries his stuff.

jericho said...

magapa-ukay ka kaya? o kaya eh auction? parang may mga like ako sa dati mong suot. hehehe

Lyka Bergen said...

@Jericho: Walang kakasya sa mga damit ng The Lips sa yo. Si Palito lang mag e-enjoy sa ukay ng Kawadjan. Buhay pa ba si Palito? Gusto ko syang damitan! Tse!

Gayzha said...

Bangkokians ....

How do you read it ba?

How about
Bakukangs na lang?

kawadjan said...

don: nag speech ka na naman.

jericho: read lyka's comment. ching!

lyka: di ko knows if alive pa si lolo palito mo. tse!

gayzha: bakukang sounds better indeed.


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