Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vanilla Weekend

And I thought this weekend's going to be boring, given the uncertainty in the city. It turned out that I had a blast in the past three days.

To the protesters... fuck you all!

Having vented that out, shall we now go to the much-anticipated weekend update? I know you love me, bitches.

Biyernes... the conference finally closed. We have about half a dozen Pinoy participants who are stuck in BangCock for the next five days or so, thanks to the still yet to be known fate of the international airport, and the office had to put them in a hotel. Oh, sooo not my concern. Instead, I went to get my haircut and went to Central World to catch a Polish film (from the ongoing European Film Festival) with Heidi. We soon found out that Zen had a midnight sale so we traipsed to consumer central. Heidi snagged a pair of boots, or whatever they are called these days, which would be the base of his new, muted look. Meanwhile, I window shopped. Please congratulate me for my new-found self-control, bitches. Let's see how long this lasts, ok?

After Central World, we each had a big bottle of beer, basking in the cool weather of BKK. I fucking love the current weather, feels like snuggling... if only I can find someone worth snuggling with. Where was I? Oh shopping... we went to Suan Lum Night Bazaar at around midnight and was met by its eerie silence. All the shops were closed. I don't know who this blame this to. (Again, to the protesters... fuck you all!!!) So we walked all the way to Silom and had noodles outside Soi 2 while watching gay men go in and out of hedonism central.

Sabado... I had lunch with Berkeley, which was followed by coffee. We mostly talked about his travel plans and mine too. I then met Heidi, Hye Kim Park, and a couple of their friends and we took to the BTS to Ekamai. Ekamai is one of the sois (alley or sub-street) along Sukhumvit, a section of the city that I haven't explored yet. I figured I need to expand my coverage aside from Silom and Siam. I know that BKK needs to see more of me. They do love me!

For our first venture into Sukhumvit we went to Vanilla Garden on Ekamai Soi 12. The place is fab, fab, fab. The furnitures inside are 1960s/1970s (or thereabout)... j'adore its interior. We decided to stay outside though as a couple of us smoked. The garden was an equally lovely Japanese-inspired thing, with a bookstore to boot. And it was a nice afternoon to be outdoors, with a cool breeze and all.

Heidi is out-werqing the people at the table!!!

The group had to disperse for the evening. I went to Central Chitlom for some shopping. Sale, sale, sale all over the place! Gotta love this time of the year. From Chitlom I met Heidi and Hye Kim Park at Paragon for a visit at the supermarket.

Hye Kim Park werqing the Bryanboy pose with a bag from the bakeshop.

Domingo... I met up with Bubbles and Liwayway in Chatuchak where we had noodles for lunch. We then took a cab to the Northern Bus Terminal to buy tickets to Nan. We are heading to the northern province next weekend (there's a long weekend for the King's birthday) to get the most out of the cool weather. The trip is about thirteen hours! It should be fucking worth it, dear God. I read that the temperature in the Phu Ka (I'm not sure if I got the name correctly) National Park could drop to as much as 5 to 10 centrigrade in the evening. Girl, time to bring out those fur coats!

My lunch. I swear I only ate the small leaf and nothing else. Pramis.

Bubbles shows off his new BTS (sky train) card... goodness, ngayon lang kumuha ang hitad after living in BKK for four years now.

Align LeftTonight, I met Shanghai Tang to watch a performance in Phra Athit Park, but we were not aware of its cancelation because of the political situation in BKK. As we were already in the Khao San area, we opted to have dinner there instead and talked and talked over bottles of Singha Beer. Again, the lovely, cool weather is just perfect and the company is perfect of course.

There, that's my weekend report for now.

Uhmmm... that's all, bitches.


Anonymous said...

Don't make every time a solemn declaration with an appeal to sex to confirm your statement.


fuchsiaboy said...

ano daw ang sabi ng hitad sa taas? di ko maintindihan ang eclavuchenes nya! don't tell isa mo na naman itong jilted na tagahanga or posibleng pinangakuan ng kung anu-anu at di mo tinupad. naghihintay ang iyong publique sa iyong kasagutan!

love your vanilla weekend. wish i was there and we could have werqd it like really WERQD it! may sipon ka yata at medyo di gaano ang faggotry in motion mo? :)

kawadjan said...

fryslan: anech?

donita: hahahaha. lost in translation din ako kay lolo mo. wala akong kinalaman sa mga pinagsasabi nya.

p.s. i did not do much faggotry kase nga wala ako sa MOOD. why don't we talk about mood soon?


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