Saturday, November 22, 2008

Werqing on a Friday

Holy mother of gawd... this is going to be my biggest pictionary post evaaaah! I couldn't help it. I'm becoming a mayjah camera whore lately. Damn, I'd werq any spot of the city when I fucking want to! Keri? Keri!

So shall we start?

I skipped work yesterday to visit Bubbles' school where I judged an inter-school speech contest. Speech contest today, Miss Universe tomorrow!

Bubbles werqed the school project of his students, with matching bakat na nipples. If only his students would realize what a perfect role model Bubbles is! Peace, gurl!

Heidi and I werqed Siam Discovery and then we hopped over to Paragon. We realized it was the Bangkok International Fashion Week at the latter. So we waited in line for tickets. And we waited... and waited.

We were bored... we took pictures. This is my ad for Bulgari.

And this is Heidi's ad for Cover Girl Shimery, Shiny, Splendid Lip Gloss. Easy, breezy... Cover Girl!

But we waited in vain. It took them forever to hand out the tickets. We tried to distract ourselves by bitching about the jologs around us. We felt so supremely fashionable, I know. But then, we could not wait any longer. Damn, we must've stood in that bloody line for like 15 years... or more! So we hung out at the fountain instead.

Bubbles arrived. We three bitches headed to Siam Square for dinner. But I got tired from all the walking in my Christian Louboutin shoes. So I had to rest in one of the benches where the paparazzis caught me in one of my rare unfashionable moments. Damn! Where are these bloody bodyguards when you need them?!

Apres dinner we checked out the scene at the beer garden in Central World.

The stench of heterosexuality (read: men with big bellies) was overwhelming. I could not stand it. I've never seen such a big congregation of straightness in my recent life. Such horrible fashion sense these men have! And on that note, to continue our mission of spreading faggotry in the city of BangCock, we had to werq the place.

Bubbles and Heidi in their CK One ad. Sniff, sniff. Heidi knows how to find the light and Bubbles knows to elongate his neck for that high fashion look. Tyra would be so fucking proud!

Can't we fucking gay up this place?!

We walked from Central World to Silom, a.k.a the epicenter of gay BangCock.

But then, I got tired. I had to rest for a bit in one of those bus stops. Damn, the paparazzis caught up with me again! And I was in such a very, very unfashionable pose pa naman! Kainez talaga. I swear. How can I face my public if these pictures come out?

This is where I come from, just to clarify the issue spreading around that I'm from Brazil. No, no, no... I come from Las Islas Filipinas, Patria Adorada. (What happened to the S?)

And I figured I might as well start with my campaign for the post of Bangkok governor, now that the city does not have one. And this is going to be one of my posters. This is what Tyra would call as the ugly-pretty face and taken by NOTED FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Heidi.

On the way to Silom Heidi werqed like a Russian Supermodel.

And he came out of the closet! Gasp, Heidi is gay?! I wouldn't have guessed? Did you?

And more sniffing by Bubbles! What is going on here?

The sniffing had to stop though coz current top Korean-American supermodel Hye Kim Park arrived. Hye Kim Park is the wife of Heidi. Wohooo! And dahling, I couldn't help taking a picture of the legendary supermodel, who I found out yesterday is a huge Bryanboy fan! No wonder he is such a thinspiration. Gawd, we are so going to share diet tips!

Hye Kim Park worked the Saladaeng BTS! Very high fashion indeed!

We finally reached Silom Soi 4, where we opted to sit at the Greek restaurant with Filipina waitresses.

Uhmmm... some people ate this heap of animal fat and carbs, but not me! I only eat paper dipped in fish sauce.

One of the top Pinay waitresses in BangCock...

And THE only top Pinay Supermodel in BangCock and the whole of Southeast Asia and beyond... this is my campaign for Dior eyewear.

Nida Blanca joined us at Suvlaki. Oh dear, shocking news from the Lady of Rockwell. But then, it was perfect opportunity for some processing!!! I love processing. Like, I'm such the queen of processing nowadays. We processed his life story way until two in the morning.

You'd be fine girl!

Whew, I think I stretched my self too much last night. I'm so resting today.


G said...

a mole told me that you were gone to be one of the judges for ms gay silom or something. naman, speech contest pala.

i will not trust that mole again, kasi naman, he was too preoccupied with emotional connection chuvaloo.

dapat heto ang gawin nya, i werq ang SR just like u, bubbles and hiedi!

winner talaga kayo mga bayot!

kiel said...

naloka ako sa poses. kainez ka! if that's unfashionable, ayaw ko ng lumabas ng bahay! i swear.

fuchsiaboy said...

G, G, quite contrary. naniwala ka naman sa speech ng bayot. asan ang judging pictures nya? asan!!! wala! kasi ang ginawa lang nila eh maglamyerda sa mga malls at silom. speech contest my ass!

kawadjan, let me remind you of the list we made about the current looks that's so out. tight button down shirt tucked into skinny pants. check! pointed shoes with matching belt. check! pamenchung look, isdatchu?

asan na ang mga tinuro kong avant-garde sensibilities!

tinalo ka ng koring sa fierceness, sori. at di pa sya nakapose ha. he had me at Dd.

hay naku walang kwenta ang werqing na ito. i was grossly disappointed! :)

Kiks said...

ang ferz ni heidi.

Iris said...

You are fab, as always! Hope you're well over there. I keep hearing how scary Bangkok is right now, so do take care.

PS. Let me know if you're coming back to write. I still owe you, like, $14 or so! LOL. ;-)

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Gosh! Eat something gurl! You are SOOOOOO SKINNY! I wish I was that skinny!

JaffyG said...

i love the poses bitch!!! really werqing it!!

kawadjan said...

g: ay naku, may naninira talaga ng puri ko. di nya alam matagal na akong walang puri. choz.

keil: feeling ko kaya mo kase payatola ka rin. tibay lang ng loob yan ning. werq na.

donita: omg, di ko napanindigan ang avant garde look. kailangan kita. kailanga ko ang payo mo.

kiks: makakarating.

iris: thanks, love. i'm still a bit busy these days. will keep in touch.

john: i'm not skinny enough. nakita mo si hye kim park? yan ang goal look ko.

jaf: thanks dahling. when do i see you werqing?

wonderwhoman said...

luv ur pics honey! hope we can meet up sometime with all the other filipino bloggers in bangCOCK (like what u said). just let me know...mwah!


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