Thursday, December 04, 2008

Photography Exhibition: Butoh

I crossed to the other side of the Chao Phraya last night to catch the opening of Boaz Zippor's exhibit titled Butoh. First I had dinner at the Siriraj Pier while watching the frenzy of the river on an early evening. After which, I followed the dark and narrow alley to the Patravadi Theatre where the exhibit is. Because Shanghai Tang was late, I checked out the place's display of old masks used in traditional Thai theater.

When he finally arrived, we checked out the photo exhibit. I do not have much background of butoh, fortunately Shanghai Tang was there to explain it to me (see Wikipedia entry here). The 'models' used in the photos were of course butoh performers, and we know how magnificent dancers are when photographed. A number of portraits and travel pictures of Boaz Zippor are also on display.

Apres the exhibit, Shanghai Tang and I decided to have some beer on the river-side restaurant of the Patravadi Theatre called Studio 9.

I had to head home early though coz I had some bags to pack. A few weeks back, I decided to find a cold place to spend the holiday in for the King's birthday, which is on Friday. Chiang Mai was not an option coz I did not want to be in a crowded place. I thought of Lampang, but eventually decided on Nan, thanks to the recommendation of my former colleague, JT (haler, dahling!).

I was thinking of taking this trip alone, as I wanted to have some little time by my self. And I'm honestly better at traveling alone than with a group. But when I expressed my plan to my friends, I thought it would not be a bad idea to drag them along anyway. And then one more friend knew about it, so four Pinoys will end up taking this trip, namely: Liwayway, Bubbles, Nida Blanca, and moi.

We are leaving tonight on a 13-hour bus ride to the northern province of Nan. Other than reservations for our return bus tickets, we have no other reservations to speak of, much less an itinerary. Gasp, this is sooooo NOT moi!!!

Our final destination is Doi Phu Kha, a national forest where temperatures can drop to as much as 5 to 10 degrees in the evening. Exactly how I want it to be... cooooold! So dahling, I'm bringing out the fur coats, the mittens, the scarves, etc. I will not allow my self to be out-scarfed by Bubbles no. That cunt!

Meanwhile, I seriously question my sanity for heading to yet another bloody mountain (remember Umphang?). Mud, insects, and more mud come into mind. Ugh. Let's see how much whining I can do this time.


[G] said...

aba, mukhang may future kayo ni shanghai tang...i process na yan!

have a good long weekend. bring back some nice peektyurs!

long live the king!

The Zen Bitch said...

happy trip! will look forward to reading about this latest escafeyd of yours!

fuchsiaboy said...

gasp! nahawa ka na sa travel style ko ha. kasi naman kahit plan ka ng plan eh palpak pa rin. tse!

at teka, anu itong processing na ito with shanghai tang? di ko alam yan ha?!

may nililihim ka na sa akin?!!!

Quentin X said...

I must say this is not the first time I come accross the word butoh in reference to the art (as opposed to the Philippine dialect use of it to mean penis). I had a brief encounter in a sauna with an Australian dancer who specialise in butoh. I have been wondering what it really is like. The concept is so vague. I imagine it to be what abstract is to visual art.

jezebel Patel said...

shet! collection ni lyka jean yan for the next season!! baka majudge ang loka ng no originality!! terribol-ble-ble.

kawadjan said...

g: dahling, there is nothing worth processing with shanghai tang.

zenaida: hayan, na-post ko na ang kabaklaan ko sa taas.

don: wala akong plan na palpak no. tse!!! hahaha. uy wala akong lihim sa yo. alam mo naman lahat eh binubunyag ko.

quentin: indeed, vagueness galore. i am catching a butoh show this weekend, will tell you about it, hon.

jez: talagang may babala portion no. winnar!


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