Sunday, December 14, 2008

Incoherent Weekend

Ay, another requisite weekend report from moi. Ngarag ang weekend na itez... rampa, rampa all over the place na naman ang bayot. I swear, this weekend does not have a coherent theme, so basically it's pagkakalat as usual.

Biyernes... I dropped by the Filipino Store in Silom to chat with the lovely Pinays who keep the store brimming with stuff from Las Islas Filipinas. It appears that them Pinays visit this blog once in a while so let me take this chance to say HALER to them. Ipagpatuloy ang pagpapayat mga tita!!!

As the official spokesperson of Sari-sari Store (charing!!!), I invite all Pinoys and Pinoy-lovers to visit them at the third floor of J-Plaza (with a BTS access to boot) for some goodies that would remind us of the good old third world.

Later in the evening, I met Bubbles, Liwayway, and Nida Blanca in Souvlaki in Silom Soi 4 for some beer and lots and lots of processing. A new club/bar opened in Soi 4 in a building whose wall collapsed just a few months ago (the building was empty then and the incident happened in the morning). The three primera maricones of Las Islas Filipinas dropped by to check it. Goodness, I don't even want to start talking about how lackluster the place is and we did not bother to stay longer after the awful drag show. Oh dear, I hope I'm wrong, but the place is soooo going to close soon enough.

In fact I noticed that quite a number of bars in Soi 4 have closed over the months. Have the faggots stopped spending? Ay caramba! Dahling, faggots simply don't scrimp on hedonism. If indeed gay men are tightening their belt, this economic crisis is apparently worse than it sounds ha.

Sabado... I dragged my ass to Sukhumvit where I ended up in Dasa Book Cafe, a second-hand bookstore. I did spend a fortune on about six books. I honestly don't have the right to be buying books as of yet coz I still have dozens of unread ones. But self-restraint is not really one of my virtues, and we all know that.

I had lunch at Emporium while waiting for Shanghai Tang and his girl friend. Because they were late, I checked out the latest exhibit of the Thailand Creative and Design Centre called Perishable Beauty, which explores decay, death, preservation, anti-aging, seasons, and conservation, among others. The theme is impermanence and how people face deterioration.

One section of the show reminded of me Miss Havisham's wedding table. A feast is enclosed in a glass box and it is allowed to rot. You simpy see the whole thing eaten by molds. Another installation looks into the beauty industry's exploitation of man's fear of aging.

Finally I met Shanghai Tang and friend and we took a cab to the Bangkok Sculpture Centre, which lies in one of the city's suburbs, about 30 minutes on the highway.

J'adore the architecture of the center, which is a cavernous display space of pieces by some of Thailand's most prominent sculptors from various periods.

The pictures below are some of my favorite pieces.

Later in the evening, I headed to Miss E's Christmas party at her house by the river.

Gawd, I don't want to be reminded that it's already the holidays. I'm sorry dahlings, it has never been my favorite of seasons. I find it a tad too merry for my taste, I could not help it. Hay, I'm just thankful that I'm not in Las Islas Filipinas during the holidays. I strongly abhor all the mindless commercialism and the sheer chaos the way Pinoys celebrate Christmas.

But then, even in Bhuddist Thailand, one cannot really avoid it coz the malls play Christmas songs on loop and gaudy decors are all the rage.

Please let this holiday be over soon so that we can go on living our lives sans the sappiness and the garish decors.


kiel said...

luv the sculpture pieces.

i totally get what you say about the madness of xmas in the philippines. yesterday, i made a mistake of going to SM to buy a few stuff i need for the house. i had to exit after 30 minutes gasping for air to avoid being trampled on by the shopping stampede.

but despite the hazzle, i still luv x'mas. it's the time of year when unabashed mushiness is forgiveable.

fuchsiaboy said...

a go-see in that sculpture place is in order for my next royal visit.

im glad you are wearing the norman noriega neckpiece. at ang outfit with a fake tank sa christmas party, very margielic ha. nabili mo yan kay fall/winter guy?

jericho said...

luv the sculptures. ako gusto ko ng pasko ... hindi ko lang alam kung bakit. eh sa gusto ok eh. ;)

JP aka handyman said...

korek! i thought there's a financial crisis? still a lot of people spend gazillion for the holidays... nevertheless, i love christmas, yun nga lang i have to spend it with myself na naman.. hahay!

kawadjan said...

kiel: omg kiel, di pasko ang pinagkaguluhan sa mall kundi ikaaaaw at ang mayumi mong ganda.

donita: we shall visit that place dahling. the clothes... thanks for the kind words. finally i'm pleasing you.

jericho: ay may fashkow ba sa hk? are you visiting the third world for xmas?

jp: ay naku ning, wag magpadala sa pashko. tigilan ang emote. bumili ng stuff toy para may kayakap.


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