Monday, January 26, 2009

A Bubbly Weekend

Saturday afternoon, ferosha Bubbles and I took a cab to Pratunam...

... and we ended up inside the vast and labyrinthine Platinum mall...

... where Bubbles tried on a few pants. But alas, none of them fit him. We all know how small the sizes are in most Thai markets, chai mai? Meanwhile, I bought three black shirts.

We moved to Central World where we found lomo cameras sold outside the mall.

We drank outside the mall, soaked in the nice, warm weather, and appreciated how the setting sun cast a beautiful glow on the surrounding buildings.

Inside the mall was a lion dance show for the Chinese New Year.

While watching the show the paparazzi caught us...

... also while Bubbles was shopping.

And more paparazzi shots while having coffee where we also met some Filipino tourists.

We went outside again for dinner while watching an international music festival. Wonderful performances!

But the paparazzi was all over the place.

So we went back inside Central World for some post-dinner coffee.

But the paparazzi was unstoppable.

We fled them by running to Lang Suan, that string of bars at the edge of Lumphini Park. We were there as well the previous evening. It had been more than a year since Bubbles and I were at Lang Suan. And we thought we needed to check out the place again.

Although the boys there are gorgeous, perhaps the hottest in any gay bar in the entire BangCock area (and there are many), the music is just bloody horrendous. Oh, don't let me explain further. The music is simply not my type. Period. So for that sole reason, we avoided going to Lang Suan for the longest time and opted for Soi 2 instead.

But fortunately last Friday we ended up in one Lang Suan bar that plays decent remixes and house music. Now why didn't we find this much earlier? And for that, I think I'm going to be a Lang Suan regular.

I also like Lang Suan coz the people are more relaxed, none of the stuck-up bitches in most Silom bars. And the Lang Suan crowd looks more... uhmmm... expensive. May breeding kumbaga.

Furthermore, the men go there with a pack of friends to go drinking and dancing, and sleaze is not part of the agenda it seems. None of the prancing and snaring that one sees in other bars in you know where. Very, very laid back indeed.

And lastly, they have way better fashion sense than in any gay area in BangCock, noh!

But the bars in Lang Suan close promptly at 2 a.m. (some even earlier). So last Saturday after Lang Suan, Bubbles and I hopped to nearby Silom. Deciding to stay away from THE bar, we instead checked out the other bars in Soi 2. Lo and behold, the we ended up bumping into the same Lang Suan crowd (more or less). Couldn't complain, dahling.

The evening (or early morning) ended with Bubbles and I hanging outside Soi 2, watching a parade of men leaving the bars/clubs. Goodness, I lost count of the many well-dressed bayots! Some of them were just perfect for a shot in a street-style blog, I swear. I was practically squealing at the magnificence of what some bayots were wearing. Oh, I'm soooo inspired!


patrick said...

i miss bangkok. ^_^

kawadjan said...

oh, dahling, you have to visit us soon. :-)


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