Monday, April 27, 2009

Glam Girl, Indeed

OMG, look who was mentioned in uber popular blog Bangkok of the Mind? It's no other than the Hiyas ng Surigao... moi!

Here's what BKK Dreamer has to say about this humble blog:

"My favourite Thai-based blogger is Kawadjan... He has a distinctively gay voice, is funny, and writes with a sense of excitement about this place.

He also visits out-of-the-way places in Bangkok, and travels in the region. Could you ask for more?

I like the look and feel of his blog: it is a good place to be. He sounds as if he is talking to intimate friends, even though he is also writing for a wider audience."

Awwww... isn't that awesome? Read the rest of the entry here.

Blush, blush... I'm flattered, I truly am.

We all know that Bangkok of the Mind has such a wide readership, so to be mentioned in his blog is nothing short of phenomenal.

But more importantly, BKK Dreamer is one of the few BKK-based gay bloggers I honestly admire coz he does not focus on the sleazy side of the city. What his many readers get instead is a vivid and honest chronicle of the life the of a long-time BKK resident and his rather quirky relationship with his BF. Oh, and it's no secret that BKK Dreamer is a friend.

Khorp khun maak khap, Mr Dreamer.


Lyka Bergen said...

No mention of the famous lips? Tse!

Anonymous said...

I am an avid reader of Bangkok of the Mind. Last time he mentioned that he came across a blog that has impressed him. So, when he revealed it yesterday, I immediately visited your blog, and guess what? You really impressed me too! From now on, I will be an avid reader of your blog. By the way I am your “kababayan” and I’m proud of you. – Richard D., Philippines

fuchsiaboy said...

yawn. he was impressed already by all your rantings? the expectations of people these days. i don't understand what's the fuss all about!

ching! ;)

Bkkdreamer said...

You're right. I should have mentioned the lips.

kawadjan said...

lyka and bkk dreamer: the lips need to in the limelight too? hmmm...

richard: salamat! i sometimes wonder what kind of posts "sell" to the readers. do you have any ideas?

donita: tse!

Ray said...

If BKK Dreamer recommends your blog of course I will become a regular reader. I have read a few posts already and I am pleased to have found you. What kind of posts sell? I do like your book reviews and will look forward to mre. I like to hear about the daily life in a Thai guys life. The ups and downs, the new discoveries or old pleasures. Your relationship issues, hints and tips about what to do or where to go in Thailand (and what not to do or not to go). Pretty much a window into your life would be great. I am not terribly interested in celebrities althoug I do love watching Super Junior on YouTube cos I reckon Heechul and Kibum are just gorgeous, interesting and funny. And I love that your blog is in English with a sprinkling of Thai - kao jai mai?


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