Monday, May 04, 2009

Bitch Unleashed

Whenever I have friends (especially the gay kind) visit BKK one of their FAQs is how are Thai men in the context of dating. I always tell them: "Dahling, don't get me started on that. How much time do you have exactly?"

I have to say that it is not my most favorite topic, especially when talking to visitors coz as much as possible I want to show them the more positive facets of living in BKK. By that statement alone, you can figure out what my impression is on dating Thai men.

This has been a topic that I've been tempted to write about in this blog. However, I don't think it's appropriate for me to comment on such a rather sensitive discussion mainly because of the nature of my job.

I don't want to be dethroned of my Miss World Peace of the Millennium title, do I?

Thank God we have the brazen Bitch of Bangkok (BoB) who recently posted an entry titled Why do you love Thai boys?. Many of the points that BoB raised in that article are nothing new to me. In fact, BoB is a close friend and we have discussed the "issue" many times before, as he also noted in the said article.

Let me pick up a few lines from the very sharp piece:

On sex... "There was hardly any innovation, fantasy, passion, even technique...I met no one who could kiss well... Generally, after a non-existent foreplay of about 2 minutes, my partners would ask me for condoms. Given the disappointment, I wonder why Thais are possibly the world's most famous prostitutes, sexworkers and moneyboys..."

On personality...

"Unreliability: Thais work on impulses. If something appears to be good right now, if something tickles their fancy, it must be done or bought."

"Loyalty: I have met at least 5 guys who told me they have a boyfriend, mostly after sex. As far as I have seen and heard (quite a lot), everyone cheats. Long live the gig culture!!!"

Clearly the article resonated with a number of men who have their own encounters with Thai men. This follow-up post summarizes some of the comments left by readers. Interestingly, I've also talked about the topic with many non-Thais and almost all of them nearly have the the same arguments as BoB.

While it's very tempting to add my views on the discussion, for now I'd keep my opinions on the matter to my self coz I'm obviously not as courageous as BoB. Let's put it this way, both posts made me nod my head several times until I nearly broke my frail neck.

For those interested to get an insight on dating in BKK, BoB's opinions are absolutely worth checking.


Kiks said...

i rest my tongue for now. this is an attestation (if there is not such a word, consider it a new one) to a white friend's assessment of the gay world that has built up like moss in thailand.

meron kayang some thai person who can refute this? i hope so.

because hunny, we all want to be wrong.

W. said...

I completely understand what is said here about Thai men, but my perspective is quite different. My Thai partner is very different from the Thai guys you mention in your post. He hardly has any other Thai gay friends, most of his friends are farang. He's very western oriented, mostly British influenced, and you could drop him right into any UK, Aussie, NZ, or US urban environment and he'd thrive. I'm biased because I'm so taken by him even after 4 years of relationship, but he is so NOT the typical Thai guy. He's likely the most passionate, best kissing, most sexually adventurous, unjealous, and caring guy I've ever been with...but again I'm biased by my love for him. I could wax on and on, but I won't bore you. :)

kiel estrella said...

di ba pwedeng turuan? isn't your love be strong enough to transform another?

BB said...

to kiks:

may i ask you what difference it makes to my assessment of gay bangkok what colour my skin is?

neil said...

Very interesting post. Parallels can be drawn to my side of the planet. By replacing "Thai guys" with "Latino guys" everything just about fits. Except the Latinos tend to give more foreplay (kissing included) but lack in driving it home from there. Lot of build up to the moment. Always have to take the lead in the end.

Leon Koh said...

only the thai boy cheat their partiners?

Kiks said...

BB: no idea, honestly.

kawadjan is the only one i know in thailand who knows so much about gay life there. and my white friend is the only one i know of many gay people who has stayed there as if he lived there his entire life (and he does make good assessments.)

if you happen to live in thailand and make the same assessment, chances are you are exposed to the same things as both my friends are.

at para kay W: di ba parang ganon din naman ang ilang mga thais... (fumbling my fingers)

kawadjan said...

kiks: i sure hope that what we see here is the exception rather than the rule.

w: obviously your bf is very westernized, hence, he shares your values and style. good for you!

miss estrella: hay naku, i'm such a willing teacher. they just don't pay attention! choz!

bb: there, kiel has replied to your message. in all honesty, his comment does not have anything to do with you.

neil: the latinos? oh, so tell me what happened to all the catholic guilt? hahahaha.

leon koh: we all know the answer to your question and i don't think BB's piece said anything on the contrary.

kiks: does W understand you? baket ka nagta-tagalog? hahahaha.


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