Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BRB... Be Right Back

The Bayot from Surigao is taking a break.

We have yet another holiday tomorrow for the Queen's birthday. Gosh, I love Thailand for its numerous holidays.

And the Philippines thinks it has way too many? Nah... Thailand seems to have more. No, I'm definitely not complaining.

So tomorrow I'm going east to visit Laos ("the jewel of the Mekong") to see a world heritage site and hopefully see a few Mekong dolphins as well. Do you know if dolphins bite bayots? Hope not!

Oh, Heidi is also going to WERQ Laos with me. Good gawd, I hope we don't shock the locals with our fierceness (kidding of course).

Laos is truly one of my favorite countries in the region for its raw beauty and the people are just gorgeous (damn, where do they buy those cheekbones: eBay?).

Remember how I werqed Laos last year with Fuchsiaboy and the erstwhile Czarina of Penang? That was EPIC. That was MAJOR. That was Faggotry Unparalleled! See the related posts here, here.

But really this time I just want to lie down on a hammock and be mesmerized by those spectacular sunsets in the Mekong River with a bottle of cold Beer Lao squeezed tightly between my thighs (wala lang, I just wanted to add that).


Lyka Bergen said...

Give my regards to the Laotians! They're soberly tranquil!

Jase said...

Werk it, werk it gurl... go,go,go! eeeeeeeeiiii!

pat said...

Bangkok pa din. Hehe.

fuchsiaboy said...

tataas na naman ang sales ng beer laos kasi ang jubugera maxima ng thailand, ms. K with capital k, gagawin na namang pangmumog ito.

don't forget to buy me those little crochet anting anting pins.

Yj said...

gusto ko yan......

kawadjan said...

Girls... I posted the Laos report na. Hope you like it. :-)


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