Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Materialist

Following the trend set by Fuchsiaboy, the grand dame of Siem Reap, I now come out with my latest edition of Fashion Diary.

Gosh, it has been a long time since I posted about my clothes, di ba? So please, I shall indulge in torso-whoring today, OK mai?

As I might have mentioned quite a number of times lately, I have been on a shopping mania of sorts. Although perhaps for many people it's not really like going overboard but for my personal standards I think I really went all out the past few months.

OK, blame the mid-year sales, girls. Every time I see clothes on sale I feel a deep sympathy for them. It's like those are the unwanted pieces. I therefore know I'm saving these clothes from feeling that the world has turned its back on them.

Kill me now if it's a sin to be kind to clothes.

Anyhoot, let's start, shall we?

First is this off-white shirt that I got from a second-hand shop of women clothes in Siam Square. Now look at the details of those buttons, aren't they the cutest?

I also got this black piece of a blouse from the same second-hand shop. I usually prefer slimmer tops but I got attracted to the neck detail of this item that I had to make an exception.

Now, the next piece gave me multiple orgasms when I found it in Suan Lum Night Bazaar last June. Check out that flap in the front and of course the square cut-out on the left shoulder. Who would not buy such a statement piece, aber?

No, I'm not going to name the shop because I don't want every moneyboy in Silom to be wearing the same item. Harharhar.

When Fuchsiaboy visited Bangkok I brought him to the same shop where he eventually bought a shirt with built-in scarves. Now, Donita, when are you going to show it to us?

I also went with Fuchsiaboy when I bought the next item. We had to go all the way to an off-center boutique cum interior decoration shop in Sukhumvit (no, I will not mention the shop again... bleh!).

[Note to Donita: Marsey, wag mong i-mention sa comment section ang mga brands ha. In my bitchy opinion, medyo crass ang mag drop ng brands (oh, that rule only applies to me).]

Only Donita wanted to get some stuff from Alchemist but when I checked the racks of the other brands and I found this quirky little item with an extra collar in the left seam. I swear I felt my ovaries quiver.

I wouldn't have been able to afford the shirt on regular days but thank God they were on sale. I got it for such a ridiculously cheap price that I would be fucking foolish not to buy it at all.

An oh, Donita, here's that piece I told you about last week.

This is a brand I've long wanted to have as part of my collection of Thai labels. When the said label went on sale last week I knew it was my ONLY chance to own an item from them so I had no choice but to buy this piece at half the price.

I really had strong reservations that it's see-through (fuck, I could not still afford the more decent shirts even if they were on sale). See-through is soooooo call boy in QC circle, di ba mga bayot?

Anyway, I wore a singlet in the photo below coz I don't have the right flaunting my utong around this blog. With the singlet, girls, what do you think?

The brand is really known to be so over-the-top and this item in particular has all these beading details that makes it uber gay I could easily pass off as a back-up dancer to those kathoey shows.

I seriously wonder if I can pull it off in some occasion in the future. Otherwise I'd just hang it on my wall as decoration (thanks Donita for the advice).

Let's go to accesories, shall we, girls?

Below are two medal-like thingies I found in Platinum. I've been eyeing these accesories for quite some time now and I knew then I would have to get my hands on these before the rest of the fashion-forward Bangkokians start wearing them.

Check out how the bayot wore the "medals" together with the black thingie with an extra collar.

Lastly, I give a big shout-out and thanks to Donita (as if he has not already been mentioned like a thousand times in this post alone) for the tassle neck piece that you gave me. I hope I'm giving it justice by wearing it with a gray sweater and pek-pek shorts. I actually had this look just today.

Oh, one last piece of advice, bitches. Pek-pek shorts is the way to go in the next few months. Now do more lunges, squats, and leg raises for me.

Carry on...


mel beckham said...

Ate G, I like your white top. The details and the cut is fierce. Pag nagsawa ka na diyan ipadala mo lang dito sa bukid. Hahaha. And the one with the medal accessories, bongga din. Parang feeling ko valedictorian ako pag suot yan. Lol

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha! i didn't know you don't want to share the brands. it'l remain a secret between us for now.

i love the first top. it reminds me so much of balenciaga s/s 2004 opening.

BUT i often wonder why with your abundance of chic clothes i always almost just see you in black tees? i don't think you need all of them displayed in your wall. you've got to wear them sometimes, you know. ;)

Anonymous said...

time to go for that CUT!

fuchsiaboy said...

i love those medals, din. pwede pahingi? ;)

The Zen Bitch said...

and i was looking forward to taking a peek at your neeps! you're such a tease! hahaha!

kiel estrella said...

ay laaav d tee with flap in the front and square cut-out on the left shoulder. does it come in a different colour? pa-order?

naku marami na akong utang..

btw, what's with the shy nipples? sayang naman ang pagkain mo ng A4 kung di mo i-flaunt ang subsequent effects nyan.. haha

kawadjan said...

Melanie: Naku, you pick it up from BKK wearing your stilettos.

Donita: Ako ang mag-pin ng medals mo, malaking ceremony ito. Medal of Valor ito for your relentless war against fashion victims.

Anonymous: Anech?

Zenaida: Naku, meron ka rin naman nipples ah.

Kiel: Limited edition ang shirts eh. I don't do mass productions, dahling. Chowz! The nipples are my most prized possessions. I even got them insured!


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