Saturday, August 29, 2009

Must-watch: Inglourious Basterds

Good gawd, this film is crazy, crazy, crazy!

One of those truly hilarious films that revels in its sheer absurdity.

Love it to bits.


Iris said...

And it probably doesn't hurt that it's Brad Pitt. ;-)

Lyka Bergen said...

aaaahhhh... Ok!

Baklang Maton in the Suburbs said...

me award ka sa blog ko... come and get it...

the spool artist said...

wala pang pirated version dito eh... check out 500 days of summer... heard it's good too

kawadjan said...

Iris: This is not one of the good performances of Brad though.

Lyka: Charot!

Maton: Nakuha ko na. Thanks.

Spool Artist: Wala pa ang 500 Days of Summer sa torrents eh. Chaka.


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