Monday, October 19, 2009

The Kawadjan Cardigan by Don Protasio

BFF Donita a.k.a Fuchsiaboy visited BKK last weekend for a seminar and he surprised me with the coolest thing ever. I'd talk about that later, but lemme share first the camwhoring that we did, as the practice is whenever Donita is in one of his royal visits.

We mostly went around the shopping malls in the Siam area, going inside Balenciaga, Club 21, Longchamp, etc. I don't usually dare drop by these stores; you know me, I consider Khao San and Chatuchak t-shirts as high fashion. So it's nice to be dragged inside the real high fashion stores whenever Donita is around.

Donita wore a Margiela AIDS Tee and I wore the Don Protasio reworked t-shirt he gave me last month.

Last Saturday evening, we also went all the way to the neighboring province of Nonthaburi to visit the restaurant of my friend. Sitting on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, the place is called Baan Rabiang Nam (or River Tree House; official website here).

Despite its rather out-of-the-way location (it's more than 30 minutes drive from the city... without traffic), apparently it's still quite a popular restaurant, particularly among Thais. The restaurant was full when we arrived there at nine in the evening. It had also been reviewed by Bangkok Post recently (see the review here).

It's indeed a very charming place and the food is sensational. My friend who owns the restaurant also offered us a very generous discount. Tres nice of him!

Yesterday, I met Donita again for more shopping. For the first time I wore my meggings (men's leggings) as well as the Don Protasio cork necklace.

To my horror, many people stared at me while I was walking around Siam Square and Paragon. I really felt a bit self-conscious and I wonder why people were giving me the head to toe sweep. Do the meggings look weird to you?

And of course some dinner just as rain pelted the city. Donita likes eating. I only ate tissue paper.

Finally, here's the surprise that I mentioned above. Donita named a cardigan after me!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Kawadjan Cardigan by Don Protasio.

I'm just thrilled like I had a major orgasm to beat all orgasms. I. Swear.

This is as historical as Marc Jacobs naming a bag after Bryanboy, non? No, make that BIGGER... Oh, here... it's like having an airport or a street in Surigao named after moi, di ba?

This cardigan is part of Donita's spring-summer collection, which he will present in the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week later this month.

He also named shirts after fellow bloggers Kiks and Lyka Bergen, among a few other bloggers (tama ba ako Don?).

Anyway, look how this cardigan can be draped in many ways. I love playing with it and I could not wait to werq it around Bangkok, especially now that the cool season is fast approaching.

Donita Rose Mary "Baby" Arenas... salamat, salamat, salamat for this HUGE honor.


Lyka Bergen said...

Meron ng DP Kiks, Meron na ring DP Kawadjan. Bakit wala pa ring DP Lyka? May K naman ang panagalan ko ah?

I love the Kawadjan Cardigan. Kainis! Tse!

Franco Dionco said...

I love the collab! :)

Real Men said...

nice blog.

Ray Pinkerton said...

Well Kawadjan you did ask so I'll have to tell you that yes, those meggings do look wierd. A fashion faux pas grande. I do like the cardigan though.

fuchsiaboy said...

um, so far i have named pieces to you, kiks, lyka and gibo. ;)

i'm in manille na. kapagod ang schedule ko.

Yj said...

i was at the grand allure show yesterday in SMX...

fashion week na bwahahaha...

and yes that kawadjan cardigan is so cool... gusto ko po magkaroon niyan...:)

kawadjan said...

Lyka: Meron ka nga! Meron, meron, meron!!!

Franco: Kudos to Don. He designed and executed it. I am just the inspiration. Hahaha.

Real Men: Hmmm... Thanks.

Ray: Hahaha. Thanks for the honesty. But I'm so going to give the meggings a second run still.

Donita: Wish you all the best for the show, dahling. WERQ!!!

Yj: OMG, inggit ako. Hope you WERQ the crowd, honey.

kiel estrella said...

super inggit sa DP kawadjan.

shameless grovelling, wla bang DP kiel?

luv the cardigan. the meggings is a bit weird but you can pull it off.

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha wala pa kasing DP Kiel. soon... nuod ka ba ng show ko?

Rhea said...

ey, i like the kawadjan cardigan!!! may kasya ba sakin? luv' it! yan ba yung suot mo nung pumunta ka sa innotech, and we were drooling over your cardigan? super nice!!

kawadjan said...

Kiel and Don: Ay naku, you resolve that issue. Now. Na. Gawa ka kaya Don ng Kiel Panyo? Or Kiel Head Band?

Rhea: Thanks, dear!!! It's a new cardigan, once ko lang sya nasuot. :-) Kisses for you, sweetie!


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