Saturday, October 24, 2009

Make Love to the Wall

Weekend report ahead...

The girls and I had our weekly movie date last Thursday evening. For lack of a better choice, we decided to watch New York, I Love You, which turned out to be rather forgettable, hence, I shall not say anything further about it.

Apres the movie we decided to head to the Victory Monument area to visit Saxophone, a pub I've been dying to visit since forever.

Gosh, we had an ahhhhmazing time there! I did not expect the jazz bands to be that good, it felt like we were back in some Manila bar.

Today I dropped by Emporium for lunch and while waiting for Heidi I checked the current exhibit at the Thailand Creative and Design Centre. One of the Thai princesses is showing her sketches, collages, and paintings.

It's a pretty decent set-up, with different rooms evoking the themes under which her work was classified.

Heidi and I then headed off to RQ Club for some wall-climbing in a place around Thong Lor. It was really my idea and I'm relieved Heidi was up for some silly, not to mention glaringly un-gay, activity such as wall-climbing.

With such a macho sport (is it a sport?), rest assured that Heidi and I are still as gay as ever. Whew!

I've done wall-climbing a few times before when I was living in Davao and I enjoyed it quite a lot. That had been years ago though so I thought it's time for some wall action.

When we arrived there we found a couple of kids working the walls and they seemed to just sprint around those tricky grips.

Gulp. I thought, "What have we gotten ourselves into?". I really have this penchant for making a fool of myself, no?

Anyway, we simply had to WERQ the walls ourselves, crossing our fingers we don't smash our fragile faces on the wall or get entangled in the harnesses.

Shaking off the initial hesitation, I really had a fun time scaling the walls. Thank goodness I still retained some of the tips my Davao friends gave me many years ago, the most important being: "Make love to the wall".

For the mean time, I know I'm not putting my arms and legs to good use for the next few days coz for sure I'd be totally sore.


Lyka Bergen said...

Pang Chatuchak's Next Top Model ang last picture but medyo fake ang dating ng scream. Sorry, you have been eliminated from the race.... The Asian race! Chos!

kawadjan said...

Lyka: Hahaha. Di yan rehearsed ha. Ganyan na talaga ako everytime naka-lambitin ako. :-)

oneditorial said...

I don't mean to be rude, but when I saw the title of this entry, I was a bit taken aback. For a fleeting moment, I thought you were writing about a glory hole! ^____^

kawadjan said...

Oneditorial: Hahaha. I know, right? It's actually a technique of keeping your body as close as possible to the wall to make climbing much easier.


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