Monday, January 18, 2010

Weekend Report: "Come let's join us!"

Ladies and gentlemen, the Bellas is honored to welcome the newest Dalagang Filipina of the City of Angels...

Presenting... the Diwata of Chatuchak (Diwata for short), who is the fag hag of the former Czarina of Penang (currently shooting a soap opera in Mexico City). Diwata is now based in BKK and has claimed Chatuchak weekend market as her kingdom, hence, the title.

I first met the Diwata last Saturday afternoon. And guess what, if Karl Lagerfeld has Baptiste Giabiconi and Madonna has Jesus Luz, the Diwata has Boy Toy Atienza as her accessory. Boy Toy Atienza is even an ex-celebrity, mind you. (Boy Toy Atienza is just on holiday in BKK and has nothing to do with La Diwata.)

Anyway, the revelry in Khao San Road screeched to a halt when the Diwata arrived in a gleaming tuktuk. Every backpacker from all corners of the world of course welcomed the Diwata and her escort.

Sunday afternoon, the Bellas went to the Silom Fair, followed by a gangsa (duck) ride in the ponds of Lumphini Park. Well, let me correct my self. We did not get one of those yellow ducks because for some reason the woman managing the boats refused to give us a damn duck, nearly prompting me to throw a fit. It was a relaxing ride on the lake nonetheless, something that the Bellas would probably do more often (and hopefully riding a freaking duck next time).

From the pond, we stretched our nimble bodies on the lawns of the park where later on Lara Stone (who shall be formally introduced in a future post... wink, wink) joined us. There we were serenaded by the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra while bats hovered above us.


fuchsiaboy said...

please lang.

uunahan ko na si lyka kasi wala akong masabi except that. too lazy to think right now ;)

BB said...

hilarious post. you brought a smile to my salmonella-infested body....and ooooo, YOU went back to JJ market...any news there?:)

see you tomorrow:)

L said...

Magsumbong lang ako. Sabi ba naman ni Bubbles eh ikaw lang daw nagpapadyak sa gansa ride at si Liwayway daw eh di man lang nag-lift ng paa. Sabi ko naman, optical illusion lang yun kasi yung mahaba legs madali makita gumagalaw at nagpe-pedal, pero yung pandak at maikli legs, parang stationary. Yun lang. Next time, biking naman sa Rot Fai park ha, at least dun kitang kita na kung negpe-pedal ang tao :P :) Ay can't wait for Lara Stone's introduction... drum roll pls..... :D

Bubbles said...

Lara Stone's post na... I can't wait... bored na ako chossssssss

[G] said...

i/we should really move to bkk soon!


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