Friday, February 12, 2010

All-Asian Models in Daniel Vosovic Presentation for F/W 2010-2011

It's fashion week once again, ladies, with the sad news of Alexander McQueen's death throwing a sad blanket over the shows this season.

I'm not particularly keen on "covering" the FW collections as more credible fashion bloggers are going to do exactly do that. I'd rather observe really until I saw this collection...

Former Project Runway finalist, Daniel Vosovic, showed his 15-piece FW 2010-2011 presentation with an all-Asian cast of models. Pretty cool, eh? And he's not showing the current top Asian models, like Liu Wen and Shu Pei, instead he chose the relatively unknown faces.

(Although one of them, in that black outfit, looks like that Filipina model who's the sister of Bim Something-something, and who also happened to appear in Project Runway and The Fashion Show. Can someone please confirm this?)


fuchsiaboy said...

i think that's meki saldana. ;) i don't think it's crisenda cecilio.

Lyka Bergen said...

OMG! Lyk ko na sya!

Miss Ekra Tan said...

Azan ang mga NayPis??

Bat di ka sumali marilou?

Anonymous said...

Thats Meki. She now works in NY alongside Charo Ronquillo. :) - Bessie

kawadjan said...

Donita and Bessie: Thanks for the info.

Lyka: Lyk ka rin nya.

Ekra: Over-age na ako acheng.


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