Friday, March 19, 2010

4th Blog Anniversary... Tonight I'm not takin no calls 'cause I'll be dancin'

OMG, I'm blowing four candles for my blog anniversary tomorrow! Like, it has been that looooong? Like, really?! Lady Gaga could only wish her career would last four years and right now I'm SUPER sure she's SUPER jealous of me.

Did I hear it right that I already have like ten readers now? *Blush, blush while holding back tears* What else is there to say but a HUGE thank you to everyone who bothers to subject themselves to my torturous ramblings... you masochist monsters! You know I love you! *Rolls eyes*

So on the fourth birthday of my blog, I'm going to give back to my publique. This post is about YOU, my dear readers. Let's bring the focus to you, because without you I'd just be another little lost soul desperately seeking for affirmation.

Because I dedicate the blog anniversary to YOU, what else is there to do but talk more about... who else but my self!?

I want to get your feedback on this blog, you know. I often wonder what you think of what I write here (the comments do not count because most of those who leave comments are my friends, and are expected to pander to me, chai mai?).

I want to democratize this blog for once - open it to everyone - and give a rare opportunity to my ten readers to speak truthfully (well, as long as they are truthfully nice).

I have three questions for you:

(1) What do you want to see/read MORE in the blog?

(2) What do you want to see/read LESS in the blog?

And... a as a bonus (you know I'm generous, right?)...

(3) Anything you want to ask me???

There, as you can tell the theme of this year's celebration is good-old NARCISSISM. Oh, hasn't that been the theme these past four years? Whatever, really.

So to my readers, DO SPEAK UP (you might not get the chance again once the MTRCB takes over). Who knows I might just answer your pleas! Hahahaha.

Text, "Kawadjan Illusionada " and send to 2366 for Globe and Sun subscribers or 257 for Smart and Talk-and-Text subscribers.

Promo closes next Friday (seriously).


Aris said...

Happy 4th! I have always enjoyed reading your posts about fashion and your book reviews. more pics of beautiful thai men please and less of topless women. hahaha! joke lang. take care always, my dear. :)

kiel estrella said...

ako, i can imagine you blogging and editorialising more of bangkok street style. mala asian sartorialist.

sa question: love mo na ba sya? is this your one true love?

la lang.

mel beckham said...

Happy anniversary Ate G!

More of your top model poses.

Less naked women.

How old are you na nga? Hahaha


Jase said...

ha,ha,ha !!!! mwahh!

fuchsiaboy said...

1. more crazy posts
2. less gaps in between posts
3. how do you solve the problem like maria?

four years na ba? congrats k. i feel like i'm part of your blog already. ;)

Luis Batchoy said...

happy fourth kawadjan... just do what you do best and I will keep coming back.. more powah!

olracaledasor said...

I love your blog and all the best for the next 4 years of your blogging! Perhaps less of naked/topless models...this time, your turn! hehehe...

Anonymous said...

Hey Kawadjan
Happy 4th Anniversary!!
Keep up the fab work.. nothing to add or take away as this is your blog and I like the different postings as it reflects on your state of mind at the time. I love your postings on hanging out with your friends and I always try to visit some of the places when I am in Bkk (ie right now!!)
Ommi xxx

Dawn Selya said...

Happy Birthday Blog! I've always enjoyed your posts, especially yung nagtataray ka. Ha ha. Of course, variety is the spice of life. Just stick to things you have the passion and the heart to write about.

Here's to 400 more years!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th Anniv! Cheers! :D Keep it up :D

kawadjan said...

Hello kittens! Lots of thanks for those who sent their love! :-)


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