Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What Will Tyra Say?

I've almost totally freed my self from watching TV, especially TV series, which can be quite addicting. For instance, I watched a couple of episodes of Glee a few months back and I was on the brink of downloading every episode of the show until I realized it could very well be the start of a relapse and on towards a full TV addiction yet again (I used to base my routine around the schedule of Oprah for instance... go on, cringe).

Currently, I watch TV for just about thirty minutes a day. During breakfast, I switch between CNN, BBC, and Chic Channel (the local Fashion TV).

Not that I don't watch TV shows. I'm now following three reality shows.

I watch the new season (is it 16?) of The Amazing Race on AXN. No one can make me leave the house on a Monday evening for fear of missing my still favorite TV show for many years now. I would absolutely drop everything in my life if I could just join this show, even its crappy Asian counterpart (but 80% of their contestants are celebrities so I would not even bother to send an audition tape... but wait, I'm a celebrity, chai mai?).

The current season is already down to its final six pairs. I don't have a favorite team yet, although I'm consistently amused with the cowboys. But then, I don't really watch the show for the participants; I'm rather always looking forward to where they're going to next.

The last episode was shot in Seychelles and practically all of the teams (except for the smart and uber chica lesbian couple) could not pronounce the country's name, much less know where it is on the map. The beauty of The Amazing Race is how it educates people on geography and culture, and largely it encourages us to explore more of the world.

Also mid-season is Project Runway, which is already on its seventh season. Guess what, Heidi is pregnant yet again in this season! If Seal is my husband, I'd be forever pregnant myself!

Anyway, back to Project Runway... there's no remarkable personalities this season (except perhaps for Anthony, who was eliminated in the last episode, unfortunately). Given the lack of distraction, we should be able to focus more on the designs. But the creativity of this season's contestant is nothing groundbreaking. Also, there are way too many sponsored episodes, such as some stupid Garnier, L'Oreal, or HP challenge. Damn, that show has sold itself to the corporations.

There's still of course judges Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, although their acerbic criticisms have become a bit all too familiar, hence, losing their novelty. But that's me.

For the first time, there's Filipino contestant. Jay, from what I remember, is from Hawaii. He has won about two challenges now but lately he had been quite erratic in his outputs, even landing in the bottom two a couple of episodes ago.

I checked the final collections on the internet (which they showed during the latest Fashion Week in Bryant Park), and my guess is Jay is one of the top three contestants. The other, two are Emilio and Seth Aron. In as much as I want Jay to win, my money's on Seth Aron's well-constructed garments and coherent point of view.

Lastly, I'm also watching America's Next Top Model. Who'd have known that Tyra Banks could get away with fourteen seasons of this mindless crap, which, to my knowledge has not produced anything close to a top model yet.

But damn, this is really one of my guilty pleasures and you can kill me now.

This is how you SMIZE, bitches...

Well, what is there to say about this new season... Really, nothing much. It's the same old bitchy girls who are nowhere near becoming supermodels. Half of them do not know what they're doing, aside from a lot of finger wagging and yelling inside the model house. Ahhh, I watch ANTM for those.

And the photoshoots are as mediocre, even as inane, as the previous seasons... exactly the reason why I keep on coming back too!

I wonder why Andre Leon Talley is willing to lend this show his esteemed name, but then, he is not helpful in judging either. If anything, the panel just became yet another circus of personalities.

And Tyra, oh Tyra... what shall we do with you? I just LOVE hating you.



Tres Taklesas said...

I love the cowboys! Last episode was so hot, them in just boardshorts. Hehe!

Lyka Bergen said...

So what if we watch the same shows? Pls lang!

Post-vacation, Isang araw ko ring natapos lahat ang na miss kong episodes.

Amazing Race: Hate ko ang matatabang detectives. Fave ko ngayon ang Mag-ama at of course, The Cowboys. But I like Miss Teen South Carolina to stay na rin dahil aliw na aliw ako sa katangahan nya. Remember? Na-confuse sya kay Joan of Arc at Noah's Arc? Kalokah yun ha!

Project Runway: Gosh, Seth Aaron na! Like ko rin si Maya... Jay? I dunno pa rin. Pero ang alam ko, di ko gusto ang Emilio Sosa.

ANTM: Ay naku... niinis ako sa Judging.... At bat gustong gusto nila yung maingay na si Alasia?... two consecutive wins na. chaka! Walang kwenta. Si Raina at Brenda ang faves ko this season.

Yun na!

Boonsong said...

This is a very interesting post. Thanks for this

Pattaya Girls said...

I must admit to being a big Project Runway and America's Next Top Model fan.


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