Thursday, April 29, 2010

Orgasmic DP Tees

We all know that I'm the biggest fan of Fuchsiaboy; well, despite having been dethroned as BFF Number 1. That's life, you know. But I'm still very loyal to Her Royal Highness and he knows very well that my life would be completely meaningless without him. What to do, aber?

In my recent trip to reaffirm my allegiance to the Queen of Siem Reap (and Beyond), I snagged a couple of Don Protasio (DP) t-shirts from his very own boutique, Poetry.
I have been saving every penny just to buy some of his super expensive items. Hermes isdatchyu? Gosh, I haven't been eating for three months now. Fortunately, through the uber benevolent heart of Fuchsiaboy, he gave me "friendly" prices.

I finally have my Bird Tees. God knows I've long been praying to have one of these tees. They're pretty much THE signature DP print, chai mai? The fabric is called micromodal, supposedly a material commonly used for underwear. They're sensuously soft and light, and just perfect for the summer.
The other shirt I got is also made of micromodal. I found this on the women's rack. You know me, I'm not intimidated to wear women's clothes, something that was imbibed by no less than HRH Fuchsiaboy ITSELF. Donita, you cannot accuse me of not learning from you, non?

The shirt drapes beautifully all the way to the thigh. It is also asymmetrical, with a twisted seaming. I fell in love with it the first time I donned it, I practically went berserk inside the dressing room.  


toxic disco boy said...

wow naman... don! i want friendly prices too! hahaha. ^^

[G] said...

winner. if i were to wear that bird tees na yan, it would be an eagle tees na. stretch to the max!

switful said...

Chai! I love friendly prices...di ba Don? hahahaha

Lyka Bergen said...

The bird design reminds me of Sigur Ros' visual prints.

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha! thank you for this post dear. i need all the publicity i can get even from 'little' blogs like these. chos! hahaha

(G), don't worry I will make pterodactyl prints for you.

toxic & switful : all you have to do is ask ;) eh si kawadjan makapal ang mukha kaya naawa na rin ako. ;)

lyka : do you see the utong?

Lyka Bergen said...

I dont see any utong at all! Baka kinain ng mga ibon?

kawadjan said...

Toxic: Gosh, ask Don. I don't know if you're friends enough. *Evil Laftir* Chika lang ate!

G: Hahaha. Baka naman maya lang. Choz!

Franco: Refer to my comment for Toxic. *Sabay talikod* Mwah, mwah!!!

Lyka: Puro ka na lang bird! Pati utong ko pinakain mo na sa bird!

Donita: Ay talagang pakapalan na ng fez, ateh. That's we get through life, chai mai?


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