Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Must-Watch: A Single Man

For months now I've been trying to find A Single Man (2009) on torrent but I was led to many false links over and over again. Finally I found one and just a few minutes ago I finished watching it and I thought I should blog about it right away.
Directed and financed by the designer Tom Ford, A Single Man is a mesmerizing look into the day of George, a gay man grieving the death of his lover of sixteen years. In that one particular day, he finds himself unable to find the motivation to live but a series of encounters and flashbacks brings him to question whether life is really worth ending.

Colin Firth was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of George, an award he deserved over that guy from Crazy Heart, I have to say. Juliane Moore, who plays his best friend, unfortunately, was missed a Best Supporting Actress nomination (I live for that day when Julian Moore wins a long-overdue Oscar).

Other than the these two actors, the most revealing performance came from Nicholas Hoult, who plays George's student at the university. The camera loves him, and over and over again I was drawn to his blue eyes as he (sort of) seduces George.

The other distraction - and an exquisite distraction it actually is - is the movie's cinematography. Every frame and shot was studied to achieve a perfect picture (think influences of In the Mood for Love). The movie plays with color saturation to highlight a moment's mood (although, in hindsight these "highlights" were pretty unnecessary).

The clothes are to die for of course! That sweater Nicholas Hoult wears throughout the movie is di-fucking-vine and the suits are impeccable.

With my long wait to watch this movie, however, I realized that despite it's many strengths I mentioned (which make the movie already worth-watching), there's a glossy veneer to it that fails to bring out a more fulfilling narrative. I don't know, I feel that it lacks sensitivity to its characters, making the experience of watching the movie somewhat lacking.

BTW, Spanish supermodel Jon Kortajarena (and a favorite of Tom Ford) and Brazilian model Aline Weber appear in the movie. Love that fashion moment there!


kiel estrella said...

i watched it last night. i plan to blog about it (when i get around to it) but more on the thoughts the movie evoked - beyond wondering if i'll see colin firth's thingie. agree that it's a must watch.

Was Once said...

Stylized, but that how closet cases were in those times, sometimes even married.
My aunt first husband was gay, the kids came home to his note...and asphyxiated himself in the garage!
Determined not to live this way out at 18, and worked on gay rights for 20 years!

The Zen Bitch said...

i still remember nicholas hoult in that movie with hugh grant (about a boy)... he has such a pretty face... and good work on that american accent, di ba?


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