Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I Heart Dome Pakorn Lum

My apologies for neglecting the "series" on Thai male celebrities who just make my ovaries go ballistic (see previous entry here). God knows I have to work harder on this coz the list is quite long. Jing jing!

The man of the moment is Dome Pakorn Lum. He is in fact my first Thai celebrity crush, having been instantly captivated by his billboards of L'oreal men's line all over the city.
The 30-year old was born to a Chinese-Thai father and a German mother. He started his career as a model and until now his face still regularly graces the the covers of numerous magazines as well as fashion editorials, on top of his many product endorsements.

Perhaps Dome is best known for his trademark techno-dance music. He first released an album in 1996, which sold more than a million copies. A couple more albums later, he has established himself as one of the Thailand's most prominent DJs.


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