Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back from Depok

I was away last week to attend a meeting in Indonesia. It was my second trip to Java and this time around we stayed in Depok, a town two hours away from Jakarta. I had no prior idea on what Depok is all about, except that the University of Indonesia is found there. I soon found out that it's rather nondescript; the dusty streets are clogged with traffic.

We got to see some malls, but that's the last thing we wanted to visit... if only Depok has other attractions. One note about the malls, people are allowed to smoke inside. I don't know if it's allowed all over Indonesia because that's what I saw as well when I visited Bogor last year.

Anyway, back to Depok... on our last day there we were brought to a massive mosque with a golden dome. I was quite struck by the sheer size of the building. I haven't been to a mosque before. Too bad we could not go inside.

It was early evening when we went there. Hordes of people were spilling out of buses, perhaps to say their evening prayers. There's something frenzied about the place as people dashed from every direction. We opted to stay outside the mosque because there were people praying inside.

When I'm in Indonesia I always feel like I'm home. Basta, there's something about Indonesians that remind me of Pinoys.


anteros' dominion said...

ang ganda pala sa indonesia!

pasalubong..ahihihi, joke

hope you really had fun there

jericho said...

in fair, like ko ang place.. looks sweet. i've been to malls in jakarta na allowed din mag-yosi. heaven no? hehe


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