Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Room Without a View

I've been living in a tiny guestroom in my office building for three years now (an anniversary post is on its way). Being on the top floor, I call it the "attic". Romantic, no? The space is rather cramped but I like it that way.

The best part of the room is not inside anyway, rather it's the beautiful view outside. Our building is not surrounded by really tall buildings, so I have a nice view of the neighborhood.

On my first day here, I was immediately struck by the temple roofs not far from my building, which I can see from my bathroom window. I can also see the Rama IX bridge from the wide windows running on the entire length of the bedroom. Even if I'm on my bed I can see the spire of the bridge and it's pretty much the first thing I see when I wake up.

For years now I've been enjoying my view. I especially love the sunsets. I have gazillions of photos of the sunset from my bedroom. Many times I'd sit on the rooftop and just watch the sunset, or relish the view of the bridge and temple roofs lighted up in nighttime. I have in fact spent many evenings on the rooftop with friends drinking some beer, smoking, or just enjoying the breeze... and of course the view.

Starting last year, things around the neighborhood started to change. The construction of a new building right on the temple grounds was started. Slowly, columns of steel bars crept higher and higher. Concrete soon followed. Cranes were erected and the buzz of a typical building construction can be heard late into the night.

At the government office just beside my building, they also demolished a row of small structures, leaving behind a dusty surface. Soon enough, the surface was flattened, deep holes were dug, and gigantic cranes sprouted overnight. The construction was started about a year ago, almost at the same time as the school building, and in both sites construction workers have been deep into their work since then.

Aside from the noise, which luckily I don't hear much of when I'm inside my bedroom, I'm truly, truly mourning the loss of the view that I used to enjoy. Currently, the school building construction has effectively obstructed the temple roofs and a large part of the bridge has been replaced by this ugly green tarp that covers the side of the construction site.

From the side of the government building, I'm also losing the view of the Pratunam area, which I used to see on clear days. Replacing it is a phalanx of despicable columns that continue to rise and rise as each day passes.

Currently, the construction is ongoing and I imagine it to last a few more months. Until then, I'm very sad to lose the view from my room inch by inch.


Boonsong said...

My heart's with you about losing the view. It was splendid.
And you've taught me a new word too; "phalanx". Thanks for this.
Thanks for a great post too.

All the best, Boonsong

Lyka Bergen said...

It's time to move to Silom! Ching!

Was Once said...

Change is always constant and oftentimes hard to accept. I get my version of change every time I look in the mirror...but now in full acceptance with horror and humor. Life is like a fun-house mirror..distorted in someway.

Leon Koh said...

I just came back from bangkok and missing every part of it espeically the kind people and the lovely food!

Your reader from SingaBore


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