Friday, September 03, 2010

Paradigm Shift

I finally met two of Manila's fashion blogger royalty, Toxic Disco Boy and Inckarlcerating. God, di ako prepared coz I was wearing some office-y clothes whereas Toxic and Karl were in their drapery splendor and decked in eye-blinding cutlery... I mean silver accessories. I looked like their alalaay with a Surigaonon accent!

They were in fact wearing some clothes from Paradigm Shift, a clothing line the girls design themselves. It's truly inspiring how they successfully translated their point of view into something commercial. I heard they will soon sell their creations in a boutique in Podium, which obviously is worth looking forward to.

I love the panache and courage Toxic and Karl have in presenting themselves. Many folks were stealing glances of the girls' billowy tops, diaphanous accents, and deadly rings, but they just keep on sauntering like fab gazelles in the midst of buffaloes in jeans.

I told them they are a bit misplaced in Manila's relatively conservative fashion scene. Where they truly belong is Bangkok, where their forward approach to fashion would be more appreciated. Besides, they'd die shopping in BKK's streets. So Toxic and Karl, gooorah na to BangCock!


toxic disco boy said...

kinilig ako sa 'blogger royalty' hahahaha.

we had soooo much fun ateh. can't wait for the baklaan night later. ^^ mwah!

Lyka Bergen said...

Aaay! Bagay ang puti sa Yaya from Surigao! Pls lang!

fuchsiaboy said...

super inggit ako! ;)

Franco Dionco said...

Isang araw...(sabay tingin sa mga butuin)...Makukumpleto din tayo sa syudad ng Bangkok.

Sa ngalan ni Venus Raj.


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