Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In India

By the time I've posted this I'm already in Orissa Province, east of India. I remember last year wishing to Santa for a trip to India, although I specified I wanted to see Rajasthan. Well, my destination is not exactly Rajasthan but it's still India nonetheless.

I've been wanting to see India since... forever. It's one of those countries that never ceases to amaze me, and I've always admired Indians for their eruditeness.

I'm completely stoked for this trip. It's actually a work trip; we're visiting schools in remote tribal villages (quite similar to my trip to Yunnan in September). We're also seeing the temples of Orissa and a couple of days in the pulsating city of Kolkata.

So expect stories when I come back this weekend.


micmickaymickey said...

teh, try to visit mother Theresa's place and Taj Mahal para completos rekados.

Yj said...

wow... happy for you...

yan din lang ang bansang gusto kong puntahan... at sana makapunta din ako... yaiy

Lyka Bergen said...

Namaste! Enjoy at mag-ingat! Ching!


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